How to make sure that your insurance claim won’t be rejected

travel insurance claims

The largest number of travel insurance claims are refunded quickly and without any problems. However, sometimes it happens that the request for payment is not accepted.

In order to avoid situations where you can not compensate the medical expenses, loss of property or the trip cancellation, while you are ensured, look at the list of the most common reasons for rejection. This is also a way to prepare and avoid the inconvenience for reimbursement of your policy.

  • Take maximum care of yours belongings

The insurance company will not cover the costs for the lost money or documents if you did’t do your best to protect them. If you leave your purse in an easily accessible place, and then lose your money and documents, the request will certainly be refused.

  • If you don’t have any proof of purchase or a police report on the theft of property

You must prove that you lost something or that it was stolen. If this happened, you should go to the police station within 24 hours, where you will receive a police report for the theft. Proof of ownership may be the original receipt or something else that clearly shows that the lost thing belongs to you. Also, if you lost luggage, ask airline company for written confirmation for this.

  • You consumed too much alcohol

If it turns out that you lost something while you were drunk or under the influence of opiates it is more than likely that the policy will not be accepted.

  • The country in which you are traveling is not safe enough

If the official recommendations are to avoid some regions and countries for safety reasons, then you will not be able to charge the cost if you had an unforeseen circumstance.

  • Be preventive and protect yourself against local diseases

It is recommended to be vaccinated and to take the necessary preventive medication if you are traveling to the country where is known that you can get a certain disease. For example, if it is regulated that before going to an African country you should take medicine against malaria and you do not, you have to pay medical expenses if you get malaria.

  • Specify the concept for close and distant relatives

One of the common reasons why people cancel the planned trip or return earlier is the sudden serious illness or death of a close relative. However, it would be good to determine who is considered as a close relative by your insurance company. This will avoid possible inconvenience witch will prevent you to get your money back if you cancel your trip. The recommendation is to check whether the chronic illness of a close family member is covered by the insurance policy, because that may affect your travel plans.

  • Define “valuables”

What the term valuables really means, this varies from one insurance company to another. Also, be sure to carry them with you while you are in some means of transport. Do not be surprised if you somewhere later read in fine print that valuables are not covered by the insurance policy if they were out of your control during the journey.

  • Always inform your insurance company about the state of emergency

Often, people only after returning home inform the insurance company about the problem that happened on the travel. It is necessary to do it immediately when unforeseen circumstances occur. In the policy there is always a telephone number of the Support Center and that’s the first thing you need to do if you suddenly fall ill, lose things, or you have to return earlier. This way you can avoid the situation where your request for refund of policy is refused.

The advice among advises would be to always, several times carefully read what policy covers and what not. This especially refers to the famous “fine print” that usually hide the information in question.

Tips for saving money on trips


To save money on travel, first you have to break the collective belief that the journey is always expensive. This myth was skillfully created by the tourism industry, in order to make you to spend more.

Most famous world’s travel lovers will tell you that more money does not necessarily mean more enjoyment in a specific destination. There are a few good tricks to enjoy more and spend less.

These are some of them.

–  Make a good plan for your trip

Determine where, when and with whom you are traveling. Be flexible in determining the period of time for travel and always have a plan B – very often you can find a variety of discounts and a significant difference in price depending on whether you travel on weekends or weekdays.

– Save money on your airplane ticket

If you plan to travel by plane, it is useful to know that you can get the best ticket price if you buy it 6 weeks earlier. In this way you can save up to 30% because the ticket price is formed on the basis of the number of available seats on the plane at the moment when you make a reservation. Also, you will save money if you immediately buy a return ticket.

–  Take tickets for connecting flights

If you are traveling to distant destination, you can save if you buy a ticket for a flight with a number of transfers. There are numerous sites for air ticket booking, and besides saving time, you can compare prices also – ScyScanner, Quest Organizer, Wizzair, Momondo.

–  Use the tourist organization services of your destination

Tourist organizations can be an excellent information source on what to visit, how to get there, on the working hours of the site… In addition, they can also give you brochures and flyers with discounts for the certain services. The recommendation is to visit attractions on weekdays, because then visits are cheaper.

–  Save on accommodations

Try to avoid accommodation in a downtown area. Inquire about decent hostels or some alternative ways of logging. If you still staying in the hotel, ask about so-called hidden costs and services that are not included in the price.

–  Use local public transport

Buy several days ticket or a weekly pass for public transport. You will avoid taxi drivers who  sometimes tend to charge a higher price to tourists and you will also check your knowledge of the local language and gain immediate impression of the locals and their customs.

Spend less on food

Many choose to prepare their own meals on their trip. This is a great way to walk thru green markets and local shops and try some new groceries. If you chose not to waste time on cooking, be sure to find a restaurant outside the tourist areas, because the prices of meals are 20 – 50% cheaper.

Travel out of season

Swimming in the warm sea on an exotic beach, while winter is in your home town, has a special charm. Then you will not only pass cheaper than during season, but you can also avoid  crowds.

– Find free events in your traveling destination

On forums or any official presentations you can inform yourself about destination you plan to visit. Instead of buying tickets every time, you will surely find free events and entertainment programs.

– Be sure to include travel insurance

For the personal safety it is almost mandatory to buy travel insurance, whether you are traveling in your own organization or with an agency. There is also almost free travel insurance for 1 euro per day. In this way you can be sure that you will be compensated in case of damage you may have on travel.

No matter how far you want to go, there are always ways to make some savings. The important thing is to be open for the idea that you can have a perfect adventure with a smaller budget.