Installing and running Firebase hosting and database from windows

Google has lunched the service Firebase which includes hosting, Database, Storage, Cloud messaging and many others. you can check all the information on

To install and use those service on windows you must follow the below steps steps, we will also show how to install and deploy Firebase hosting on windows.

1- Install node.js, if you haven’t before download it from this link

node.js installer

2- open the node.js command prompt, go to your start menu. find the node.js and from inside it open node.js commad prompt. It’s very important to open this command prompt and not the normal cmd.

node.js command prompt

3- run the following command “npm install -g firebase-tools”, in the documentation on google website there is a $ sign before this command, don’t use it as this is for unix and/or linux. If the installation is successful you will see something like this.

firebase install success

Congratulation Firebase is installed, now you have to connect to your google account and initialize a project.

4 – Connect to your google account using the following command “firebase login”, a pop up will open in a browser asking you to authenticate. If everything is successful you will get “+  Success! Logged in as”.

5- Initialize Firebase project, in this phase make sure you are already in the correct folder, because the installation will use the folder you are currently in as your home directory. As an example i created c:\firebase, so my command will be like this C:\firebase>firebase init

If this phase is successful you will get a big yellow firebase and the steps after that will select a project or create a new one and install for you a database and a public hosting folder.

To Develop and deploy web applications to firebase go to the public folder created, there is inside it index.html, update that file as you wish. now to deploy that file all you have to do is run the following command

firebase deploy

This command will upload all the content of the public folder to the link provided. in my case it is

you can also map any domain or custom domain to this project

if yo have any question drop me a comment below

WhatsApp releases a desktop app for Windows and Mac

WhatsApp released today a desktop app for windows and mac users, like the WhatsApp web app this application will mirror your phone. The application is available and compatible with windows 8 and higher or Mac OS X 10.9 and higher.

To download this app open this link and the web will give you a download button on the right depending on the operating system you are using, Windows or Mac

whatsapp download

There is currently a very high number of people trying to download the WhatsApp desktop app so your download might stop working and get an Failed – Network error message, just give it some time and try again eventually it will work. Or you can download WhatsApp Desktop app for windows 10 x64 version that we downloaded from here (63Mb).

The good part about this desktop application for users at work is that you do not need administrative access to use WhatsApp desktop application.

Remember after installing the WhatsApp desktop application your phone has to stay on, this application still does not work on its own. You will need to scan a QR code to make it synchronize with your phone.

Same as the web, the WhatsApp desktop application will enable you to use your keyboard and all the shortcuts like copy/past etc… which is a great advantage for most of us, specially if we are using our computers at work for most of the day.

Some of the new things, you will see the number of unread messages you have in the status bar whatsapp desktop notification this is an advantage on the web app. The notification is also different and it’s not dependent on the browser. Not to forget the power of the right click that now makes sense inside the desktop application.

One thing did not change, you can only use one remote location other than your phone, the Webapp or the desktop app, they cannot be used simultaneously.

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