3 Healthy Budget Meals You Can Cook With Garlic

Garlic has many beneficial effects to your health. It also brings out the flavor in any recipe in your home cooking aside from the fact that it cost less. It is considered as incredibly nutritious and has very little calorie. Garlic is also named as superfood because it is loaded with antioxidants that fights free radicals from making us sick. It fights high blood pressure by helping blood vessels relax and widen. Garlic not only gives you delicious healthy budget meals but also has medicinal attributes.  It can help cut blood pressure by 10 percent if taken in tablet form. Taken regularly, garlic can help anyone avoid cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

There are many garlic recipe favourites that you can prepare for your daily healthy budget meals but these three popular Asian dishes will really give you the best garlic flavor experience.

Korean Chicken and Rice Porridge with garlic – This sumptuous Asian favourite is very easy to prepare and cost real less. It can feed your whole family plus your guests. In Korea, it is called Dakjuk. You can also add more side dishes like vegetable pancake, green onion pancake or kimchi. One cooking in a big pot makes 8-10 servings. All you need is one whole chicken, cups of rice. cloves of garlic, green onions, eggs, water and salt. While chicken is boiling with lots of garlic, the aroma of delicious cooking food will make you feel hungry.

Japanese Saikoro Steak with garlic – This popular Japanese dish can really whet one’s appetite by the mere sight of it. Saikoro steak are diced beef cubes pan fried quickly with garlic on a highly heated stove until medium rare. Very good when served with grated daikon then season with refreshing citrus Ponzu soy sauce. The flavor of fried garlic chips with the tender meat  will slowly fill your taste buds. This recipe is very easy, looks like a budget spoiler but not really. If you want to go fine dining with your family one night, you need not go out. You just need tenderloin steak, freshly ground black pepper, daikon radish, cloves of garlic, dry sherry, green onion and ponzu sauce and you will have your fine dining right at your home.

Philippine Pork Adobo with garlic – Now this one is really easy on the budget and can feed a lot of people too as it has a long storage life.  It is usually marinated in vinegar, salt and pepper to keep it fresh and preserved longer.  Its name was taken from Spanish. The way of cooking is indigenous to the Philippines.  It is very easy to prepare as it is cooked in lots of garlic, vinegar, and soy sauce. Its simple recipe comprises of pork belly, dried bay leaves, garlic, minced or crushed, pepper, vinegar, soy sauce, water, whole peppercorn and salt to taste. Very simple and yet satisfying. Served with hot white rice will keep you asking for more. Discover this delectable dish that will truly give your healthy budget meal plan a boost.

Author Bio: Susan Orlain is the founder of  www.myeverythinghome.net site, currently a mother, homemaker, virtual office manager and blogger.

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