Cairo, a Treasure-trove of Historical Heritages

The Greater Cairo region is at the heart of Egypt and features countless ancient landmarks and thrilling sights to see. The center of the region is the vast city of Cairo, situated on the East side of the Nile. The city of Cairo has a population of over 16 million, making it the largest city in the whole Arab world and Middle East. On the other side of the Nile is Giza, where an hour away from central Cairo the famous Pyramids and Sphinx are located. There are other cities and districts in Greater Cairo, but Cairo and Giza are the main attractions.

Transportation and Accommodation

The best way to get around Cairo is by metro, because the traffic is very congested. The metro is cheap and fast, and it features both air-conditioned and unconditioned trains. However, in some cases it is necessary to take a bus or taxi to get to places the metro doesn’t reach.

In terms of accommodation, there are many options with prices ranging from $100 a month to $1000 a day. If you’re planning on staying for months, you can rent a lower quality flat outside the city center for a very low price, or you can find nicer places in the city center that cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars a month. Hostel rooms, even in the center of Cairo, can easily be found for as little as $8 a day, while comfortable and spacious hotel rooms can be found for prices as low as $30.

Things to Do and Sights to See

Once your accommodation is settled, there are a great variety of things to do and sights to see. The most obvious places to go are the museums and monuments. The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, featuring mummies and countless other artifacts, is enough to keep one busy for days. The Pyramids, the Sphinx, and other ancient sites in Giza are an obvious must-see, and you can intersperse your visits to them with some fun camel and horse riding in the open desert of Giza.

image of sphinx and pyramid
image of sphinx and pyramid

Back in Cairo proper, there is the Citadel of Cairo, a medieval citadel dating from the time of the crusades, where you can visit some famous mosques and the National Military Museum. To the Northeast of central Cairo is the second oldest Islamic university in the world, al-Azhar University. There is also the famous Khan el-Khalili bazaar, a bustling marketplace located in a medieval mausoleum. Adjacent to the bazaar is a very significant Muslim religious site, the Al-Hussein mosque, where the head of Muhammad’s grandson Husayn is said to be buried.

Besides the many Islamic sites, Cairo also has an extensive Coptic Christian heritage. Within the Coptic Cairo area is the Babylon Fortress, an ancient Roman fortress that now has several Coptic churches within in its grounds. It also contains the Coptic Museum, which features a vast array of artifacts and art. Also in Coptic Cairo is the Ben Ezra Synagogue, where baby Moses is said to have been found by the Pharaoh’s daughter.

For a break from sightseeing, there are a variety of cultural activities such as concerts, operas and clubs. Cairo is very active at night and there is no shortage of activities at any hour, although it is safer not to stay out too late.

Food and Tips
For food, there are many restaurants, markets and vendors all around the city. In the wealthier areas such as central Cairo there are a variety of restaurants, ranging from luxurious traditional Egyptian restaurants to juice bars and all sorts of international cuisine. There is food to be found everywhere, so if your tastes are not picky there will usually be something to eat within a block or two. Fruit, vegetable and bread vendors are located all over, and their prices are much lower than one finds in Western countries. Many vendors have price signs for their produce, so as long as you can read Arabic numbers you should be safe from being charged more than locals.

image of vendor with fruits
image of vendor with fruits

Although Cairo’s people are generally kind and friendly, there are also cheats, pickpockets and thieves in the city. You should always leave your valuables in a safe place and carry as little as possible in your pockets. People in Cairo do not usually carry wallets with them, and you should not either if you can help it. It is safer to only carry as much money as you need for a particular outing, and to stay away from the poorer parts of Cairo.

Hi-Tech Wingz Delivers Cheaper Airport Transfers

A successful new app called Wingz connects drivers with passengers who need affordable airport transfers at the beginning and end of their journeys in the US.

A new peer-to-peer platform which provides cheap airport transfers for travelers has made quite its mark in the US. Wingz is similar to tap and ride apps such as Uber, in that it connects drivers who want to make a flexible living with passengers who need single trip rides all over the city. However, Wingz is focused solely on airport pickups and drop-offs.

Perfect Solution For Planners

Wingz is already up and running out of several airports in the US including San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle-Tacoma, LAX, Denver and John Wayne. Passengers are able to book their airport journeys in advance either online, through the app or even through a booking partner such as Expedia. Whilst the incredibly successful Uber model has many benefits, Wingz gives passengers peace of mind in knowing that they have already organised their car both to and from a flight before their trip. Many travellers who use Wingz book their airport transfers at the same time as booking their flights. Expedia has even integrated the Wingz platform into its own booking engine for those who want to organise private transfer options. Whilst Uber is the perfect solution for the spontaneous and on-demand society that we live in, Wingz is great for planners who don’t want to book their pick-up car when they’re at the airport at the end of a long and tiring flight.

Flexible Options

Travel plans can often change at the last minute, usually because of a flight delay or cancellation. If this is the case and you are delayed by more than 30 minutes, Wingz requests that you contact your driver to let them know your new arrival time. If the driver is unable to fulfill your request, then you must email customer support who will try to match you up with a new driver.

If you’re travelling with children, then you can simply request that your Wingz car is equipped with your requirements of infant or booster seats. Those that need to travel with a buggy should simply include it as a checked piece of baggage so that the car has enough boot space in which to fit all the luggage that you’re travelling with.


Wingz has concentrated its efforts on creating brand loyalty not only to its passengers but also to its drivers. Passengers who have enjoyed a journey with a particular driver and have built a rapport with them are able to request the same driver on a subsequent journey by using the direct booking feature. Customers are also able to enjoy rewards for being a Wingz passenger by getting a $5 credit for every friend or family member who they refer.

Sadly, the Wingz service is not available in the UK at present. Instead, some other options for getting to and from airports include using a black cab, coach transfer, MiniCabit or Uber. However, travellers who are going to the States can of course book their stateside airport pickups and drop-offs using Wingz and organise something else for their return back to the UK. Hopefully it won’t be long before UK passengers can enjoy some sort of seamless airport transfer service included at the beginning and end of our own travel plans.

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Laura Reeve is the Marketing Executive for Avanti Travel Insurance, who specialize in travel insurance for those with pre-existing medical conditions, and are one of very few that have no upper age limit on their policies.

Hawaii archipelago of luxury

Hawaii archipelago of luxury
Hawaii archipelago of luxury or the most expensive destination in the Pacific Ocean

There are a Pacific paradise which is named the Hawaiian Islands. Endless beaches, volcanoes, most of them active, green palm trees, emerald waves wonderful hibiscus and daring surfers – this is Hawaii. At the end of 90s of XIX century. Hawaii was a monarchy and Yola palace served as the official residence of King Kalakaua and his sister Liliuokalani, which it inherited.

The visitor has the opportunity to walk through the corridors of the only royal palace in the United States to examine the royal chambers, the room where King playing cards, one in which Queen Liliuokalani was kept under house arrest for five months, and blanket, sewn by her during this period. The trip from Europe there is continuous, but more and more tourists – over 5 million annually, eager for a real vacation, take it.

Direct light breeze, magnificent deciduous palm trees and beaches of fine sand, behind which rise modern skyscrapers make Hawaii mast target for people from all parts of the planet. Hawaiian Islands were formed over a long period, at a time remote from us by 700 to 16 million years. Their total area is 2500 square kilometers, can pass through the Tropic of Cancer. Larger are Hawaii, Oahu, where Honolulu is located, the administrative center of Hawaii, Maui and Kauai.

Hawaii natural the landmarks
natural the landmarks of every Hawaiian island, ancient history and culture

Their origin is unusual: they are the tops of underwater ridge with many active Hawaii volcanoes, which are the highest on earth. Theoretically could appear new islands and sashtestvuvayaite to change or expand, to rise or even disappear! Today light commercials for luxury brands such as “Vuitton”, “Dior”, “Gucci” flashing square “Kalakaua” in Honolulu. Everything here is insanely expensive even compared to California or New York.

Bossi surfers aged 7 to 77 years with your favorite facility sneak between buildings to the beach to reach the water where indulge in voluntary dancing among the waves. Hawaiians, Native islands in anthropological type are Polynesians. Contact with European and American colonists led to a sharp reduction and the formation of a large group of mixed race. Mixed marriages in the archipelago are a natural thing. 80 percent of Hawaiians live on Oahu, half of them – in Honolulu. Over the years have shaped and diverse immigrant communities, the largest of which is the Japanese. No less and Filipinos and Portuguese.

The Hawaiian language, one of many Polynesian dialects also revived – he was already an official language on par with English. Archipelago all greet with resounding “aloha”, which is used for “hello” and “goodbye.” Hawaiian “luau” means “feast” so if you go to the party, you will have the opportunity to try lomi salmon, breads of taro, haupia – traditional cold coconut dessert and juicy meat prepared in Hawaiian underground oven. The best part is that there is a real underground oven and staff demonstrated how to prepare dishes in it. After the meal, listen to singers who perform traditional Hawaiian music.

Top Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Top Tourist Attractions in Dubai

There’s so much to see in Dubai, including towering skyscrapers and some of the biggest malls in the world, so it’s not hard to understand why it is so difficult to choose where to visit first. While you are in Dubai, don’t miss these five amazing tourist attractions that call one of the most popular cities in the world their home:

Aquaventure Waterpark


Adventure seekers, get your adrenaline pumping and cool off at Aquaventure Water Park at Atlantis, the Palm during your holiday. Home to 700 metres of pristine private beach, heart-pounding water rides and slides, and restaurants where visitors can sit back and relax while having a bite to eat, it’s the perfect place for a fun day out with your friends or family. What’s more, there is a play area dedicated specifically for children, a chance to feed a Cownose Ray, and much, much more.

Burj Khalifa


Dubai is home to an array of breath-taking architecture, including the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa. If you choose to visit this towering wonder, you can explore the building’s history and take the fastest lift in the world to its incredible viewing platform. It will only take you a few seconds to get to the top, believe it or not, and it is not an experience for the faint-hearted. But, for those who feel as if they can brave it, it is worth it as the views are beautiful. It is best to book your tickets in advance, and there is a convenient metro stop just a ten minute walk away. Meaning that it is an easy tourist attraction to get to. The best time to go would be at sunset, as you will be able to see both day and night from the top.

Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding

If you have always wanted to learn more about Islam, the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding is the perfect place to start while on your holiday. The centre was founded by an Emirati man who married a European woman and is hosted by Nasif, the general manager. The centre offers visitors a cross-cultural experience that leaves them with a whole new appreciation and understanding of the Muslim world. Visitors have the chance to indulge in traditional Emirati cuisine and are able to ask questions about Islam in order to further their understanding.

Ski Dubai at The Mall of Emirates

If you’re looking for the perfect place to take shelter from Dubai’s sweltering heat, visit Ski Dubai at the Mall of the Emirates (one of the largest shopping malls in the world). At the Middle East’s first indoor ski centre, visitors are able to hire all the necessary equipment they need in order to enjoy the frosty temperatures and snow, take to the five slopes (each varying in levels of difficulty, including the world’s first indoor black diamond run), and enjoy the various boxes, rails and kickers available. For those visitors who would rather sit back and relax, there is a café situated above the snowy slopes where they can indulge in warm drinks and delicious food.

Dubai Fountains

This free tourist attraction is one of the most spectacular sights you will witness while in Dubai. Dubai Fountains does it bigger, taller and louder than the Belaggio Fountains in Las Vegas, meaning visitors are sure to be wowed. Taking place in the evening, visitors can expect to witness a number of musical shows that include Sama Dubai, Baba Yetu, and the Arab world’s top-selling dance song, Shik Shak Shok, as well as Con te Partiro: Time to Say Goodbye. Dubai Fountains are situated outside Dubai Mall and is surrounded by restaurants with front row views – be sure to book in advance in order to ensure you have a good spot to view the fountains from.

Enjoy a Staycation in the UAE

If you live in the UAE and fancy a little break, you don’t need to look any further than your own back yard. With seven Emirates to choose from, you can be a tourist in your own country, exploring new places, eating at new restaurants and experiencing new things. To help you plan your very own staycation, we are going to look at three places you can stay and what they have to offer their guests:

Visit Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai

With a variety of fun activities to indulge in, from a day at Aquaventure water park to a relaxing day at the spa, or having a dolphin encounter, as well as a wide range of luxury accommodation options that include everything from Club Suites to guest rooms, Atlantis, The Palm is the perfect place to spend a night or two for your staycation. The resort also has a number of restaurants where you can indulge in some of the finest foods, and night clubs where you can dance the night away.

The Cove Rotana Resort in Ras Al Khaimah

This idyllic resort is the perfect place for friends and family alike to take a well-needed rest away from their daily stresses. Located on a water inlet on Ras Al Khaimah beachfront, it overlooks the Arabian Gulf and has 600 metres of pristine beach where guests can catch some rays and relax. Their accommodation options consist of rooms and villas, both of which are comfortable and include all the amenities guests would need, as well as water sport activities, two outdoor swimming pools, and much more.

Rosewood in Abu Dhabi

Last but not least, Rosewood which is located in Abu Dhabi is a luxury hotel that offers its guests an extravagant getaway with style. Accommodation options come in the form of rooms, club rooms, suites, manor club and residences – depending on how long guests plan to stay for and their individual needs – as well as a pool, fitness centre and spa that offer a variety of ways guests can melt away their stress. Additionally the resort also has a Golf and Beach Club, Rose Buds for Children (which is a program designed for children over the age of three).

When you have so many amazing places to visit right on your door step, there is no need to venture very much further, opt for a staycation instead!

Landmarks in Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands is a paradise destination for romantic people. The attractions in Marshall Islands should not miss if you are on vacation in this part of the world. Thousands of miles away islands in Oceania are thousands in number. Flat coral islands make up the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Life in the

Coral reefs in Marshall Islands
Beautiful corals in shallow reef Marshall Islands Majuro Atoll

se narrow strips of land between the position ocean and the lagoon is calm and undisturbed.

Residents reflect the history of the islands. After 2000 years insulation, in 1700 the islands finally being discovered. They were colonized by the British, Russians, Germans, Japanese, and of course Americans. Apparently paradise island back then were very prevlekatelna destination.

Today more developed atolls felt the influence of different cultures – the shops are well equipped, the restaurants are nice, there are great places to stay and relax. Nature here is scattered thousands of twinkling small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. They carry water like a string of pearls, forming a chain of 29 atolls perfect, 5 low-lying islands and 879 coral reef.

The people of the Marshall Islands live an ordinary life in many ways unchanged for centuries. One of atolls, Bikini suffered a disaster. It is an American hydrogen bomb detonated on March 1, 1954. It causes the death of thousands of Polynesia and Micronesia. Fifteen megaton bomb exploded at Bikini, evaporate part of the atoll with many of its inhabitants. Much of the inhabitants of the atoll were forced to leave their homes.

As it is mysterious, nuclear glory of Bikini it does not interfere with the adventurous spirit of foreign guests prefer to vacation Marshall Islands. However, just the pants along with other neighboring atoll – Jaluit – offers quite specific attraction of one of the world’s largest underwater graveyard of aircraft, submarines and ships left over from US-Japanese battles during World War II.

Marshall Islands Bikini Atolls
Most interesting places to visit in the Marshall Islands,

Specially organized tours lovers rejoice akvaekzotikata and near Kwajalein, ur Ailinglaplap. The largest atoll in the Marshall Islands Majuro, where is the eponymous capital. The atoll consists of 57 small islands, the largest of which are related to the unity of all Marshall Islands 55-mile road paved.

Even once I stopped here Robert Louis Stivensan Majuro called “the pearl of the Pacific.” At the end of the western part of the atoll is Laura Village, where is the best local beach. The main livelihood of the population outside the atolls Majuro and Kwajalein is agriculture and fishing. Grown coconut palms, breadfruit and taro.Koprata and dried fruit husk of coconuts are osnovniteeskportni products but require the country to import many goods.

How to Meet People in a New Country as an Expat

Life as an expat in a new country can be hard and sometimes lonely, and making friends can seem like an incredibly daunting task which could lead you to stay at home avoiding the situation all together instead of putting yourself out there and giving it a chance.

So, if that sounds like you and you would like some advice on how to make some new friends in your new country of residence, here are four simple and easy ways to get your friendship journey started:


Meetups and Social Media

Expat communities exist across the globe, and with a little help from Google, specific groups on Facebook, or, you will be sure to find one in your area that will suit you. is a website consisting of established groups for all interests situated all over the world – including language groups in Spain, hiking clubs in Cape Town, surf clubs that meet at the local beach resort in Morocco, and soccer groups in Dubai – that you can get involved in and meet people who have the same interests as you. You can do the same thing through Facebook by searching for groups that interest you. You can use the groups to ask questions about the relative topics and find out information, for example where the meeting up for book club and if you could join them for the next one. But, be sure to meet people in a public area where there are other people around, for extra safety measures.

House Share

House sharing won’t suite everyone, especially those with a family needing their own space. But as a single person or a couple, house sharing is a good way to start meeting people and forming friendships that will end up being the closest thing you will have to family while starting out your life in your new home town. Choosing to live with house mates will enable you to lead semi-separate lives, but equally gain good friends who you are close to, can rely on, and can go out for drinks or dinner with after work or on the weekend.

Say Yes, Always

If you have met someone at a language group, or at the bookshop you visited, and they ask you to go for a drink with them and their friends at a bar, or even surfing at one of the hottest beaches in the country – say yes. By becoming a ‘yes person’, will enable you to be more involved in activities you might never have thought you would ever do (which is an adventure in itself and you may end up loving something you never would have tried otherwise), and will help you to meet fun, interesting and genuine people along the way.

Word of Mouth

By ‘word of mouth’ we mean talk to everyone you know, no matter where they are located in the world. You will be surprised at how often one of your friends knows someone who lives in your new city, giving you an unexpected connection you might never have made otherwise. Ask your friends on Facebook if they know anyone living near you, and even if it ends up being a friend of a friend, you never know what it could amount to. Meeting someone like this may feel similar to attending a blind date, but you never know who you could meet – you might end up being best of friends.