Energy Saving / Energy Efficiency

Energy Saving or Energy Efficiency is the goal to reduce the amount of energy required to provide products and services. Today the humans are hungry for energy , everything needs power, the result of consuming all this energy is the emission of greenhouse gases. Those gazes are causing the temperature of the planet to rise dramatically. 

In this post we will try to give examples on how you can be more energy efficient in your daily life. This will help the planet by using less energy therefore less greenhouse gases emission and will directly effect your pocket because you will pay less money.

In the house:

  • Change all the light bulbs of the house to energy saving lights. the average energy saving light consumes around 25 watts, where the traditional light bulb consumes an average of 75 watts. That is 3 times more energy for the same amount of light produced
  • Detecting and sealing air leaks for more efficient heating or cooling systems. The temperature moderation system consumes the most energy in the house, having air leaks requires from those systems to work for longer times to keep the temperature in our houses as requested, therefore by sealing those leaks we are reducing the energy those systems use.
  • There is a lot of ways to detect small or large air leaks in the house, here is a link for some of them, but in my opinion the best way is by using fume, get any tool that produces a safe fume and go around the house with it, you will notice the fume going out or moving in places where there is air leaks, you should work to seal those.
  • Sealing air leaks: most of the air leaks you will find will be around windows, doors, chimneys, electrical boxes. most of them can be closed best by using my favorite, the silicone, it’s cheap, easy to handle, and durable. here is a link to other ways to seal air leaks

  • Phantom Loads or “standby” power, when on “standby” all your electronics at home consume power; to reduce all this power gone for nothing you can use the electric power strip with an on/off button, when you are not using the electronics turn the button off and no more electricity will pass and you will be saving 100s of dollars every year



In your Car.

We spend a lot of time driving which requires gas. You can reduce to gas consumption by paying attention to the below

  • The more you press on the gas the more fuel is burned, the higher the RPM is the more fuel your car is consuming. Avoid fast accelerations as much as possible and you could minimize your fuel consumption by up to 20%.
  • Remove unneeded things from the car, your car needs more energy to move more weight.
  • Don’t keep your car on when it’s not moving, it’s a total waste of fuel. And in the morning when you first turn your car on, it’s enough to have it on for 30 seconds, not more, before starting to drive, even if it’s very cold.

Using renewable energy

we will only mention a couple of ways to get renewable energy because later on we will be talking about this subject in a separate article

  • Solar Power.
  • Wind Turbines
  • Water power ( from dams)
  • and many others found every day

Be energy efficient and save your money, you can maybe travel every year with the money saved from the energy saved

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