How to Treat Damaged Hair without Cutting them

Beauty in a woman or man is said to start from the head. Human hair has proven to improve a person’s appearance and look. In fact, many say that hair enhances the beauty of a person by folds. This is why hair routines have continued to increase, and the means used have continued to improve, with each passing day. However, there are many harsh conditions that end up affecting your hair. Such conditions include harsh weather conditions such as excessive exposure to the sun, hair coloring chemicals, frequent straightening, exposure to a lot of chlorine in the water and curling irons. There are many more factors or elements that cause the same effect; your hair becomes porous, brittle, dry, etc. in other words damaged. In some hair care tips, you may be advised to cut off the damaged hair. However, we can provide you with an alternative that does not require you to cut down your hair.

Leave in Conditioner

This is one of the ways that you can reduce the occurrence of damaged hair. Washing your hair each morning is a routine that no one is willing to leave behind. Since chlorine and the sunrays expected during the day are some of the damaging factors including the blow-drying expected afterward, it is essential that you use a leave in conditioner. This is because the conditioner is not washed off. It coats the hair strands protecting it against the sunrays and excessive heat during blow-drying. Also, it allows you to go about your daily activities without worry of damaging your hair.

Regular Trims

Regularly trimming your hair is one of the best hair care tips that revive it increasing its chances of surviving any damage that may occur or has occurred to it. With damaged hair, you risk having to cut all of it to repair it. However, just a short trim of the hair and using restorative hair treatments, shampoo and hair conditioner tends to preserve and strengthen the remaining hair strands. Therefore, trimming is a good option for damaged hair and a step towards restoring to it its better days.

Abandon Hair Chemicals and Colors

If your hair is damaged, the chemicals and hair colors are no longer for you. Many of the women cannot leave with their natural hair and want to treat it with chemicals and style it as they wish. Furthermore, not every person is satisfied with his or her natural hair color such that they use, move to artificial hair colors for a solution. Chemicals and colors increase the fragility of the hair instead of making it stronger. Leaving them behind the colors and retaining their natural appearance is a step towards strengthening and repairing your damaged hair.

Styling Your Hair and Styling Products

Styling your hair becomes an important event, as styling products may be limited especially when styling damaged hair. In fact, a very simple styling process or hairstyle used on damaged hair should not damage it further. Mild styling products or styles that require minimal products to keep the hairstyle and ensure that it lasts longer should be embraced. What should be done is that the hairstyles should be perfect for normal hair and help in preserving them.

Body Health

Damaged hair can be a sign of poor health, diet and other practices. Good health care practices translate to good hair care tips, which aid in repairing damaged hair. This is because what is good for the body translates to being good for other parts of the body including the hair. Continuous hydrations and taking the right diet adds to how good your hair looks. For damaged hair, taking the right foods that aid in the development of your hair is a step towards mending it. Water, nutrients such as the omega 3 fatty acids and nutrients from vegetables and fruits are also essential.


Taking care of your hair should be included in your daily beauty care routine. It is the first thing that a person sees when looking at you making it the center of other people’s attention. Ensuring that your hair remains the center is essential. This is possible only if you take care of it and restoring any damaged hair. Factors that cause damaged hair can be avoided or protected against by following the simple tips provided above. Therefore, restoring damaged hair has been made easy and fast. Also, you do not have to cut your hair just because it is damaged. By following the above tips, you can restore it within a short while and prevent any other form of damage from occurring.

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