Packing list for Hiking, what to pack for your next hike

Are you going on a hike soon? Is this your first time hiking? there are some things that you should take with you on your hike day. Yesterday I went on my first hike, it was a lovely sunny day, but during that hike I used a couple of items that turned out very useful and I missed a couple of other things. so I compiled all those items in this list



  • Hat: the bigger the hat the better.
  • Water: take a lot of water with you, even more than you can drink. water is very essential when you walk.
  •  Sun Screen: when it’s a sunny day, the sun will hurt your skin, it’s important to protect the parts of your body that are exposed to the sun specially  your face, neck and hands….
  • Food: take dried food with you, specially if it’s a long hike, and it’s important to have some energy food like almond for example.
  • Camera: to take pictures and remember your hike
  • Tissues: you will need them in every other occasion on your hike
  • Phone: i’m going to add this in this list, but i’m sure you always have your phone on you, just like everyone 🙂

Good to have

  • Power bank: these days everyone uses their phone very often, and on your hike you might run out of battery, keep a good power bank with you to recharge your electronics.
  • Medical plaster: you might have small cuts from plants, so it’s good to always have some plasters on you.
  • Antiseptic Wipe Tissues: you might get small cuts here and there, you can directly clean them, or if you wanna clean your hands from dirt ……
  • First Aid kit: a small first aid kit will always help out in bad times.
  • Head light: very useful specially if you are going for the night also, or you might go in some caves
  • Hiking stuff: they will help you during your walk specially when you get very tiered, they are not a must have, so don’t go buy one if you are going for a one time hike.


  • Hiking pants: those pants are designed to let you comfortably hike; you don’t have to buy a very fancy one, but never go hiking wearing jeans. Moreover, hiking pants are better than shorts as they will protect your legs.
  • Shoes: your legs are the most important part of your body during the hike, as they will carry you all the way, the least is to keep them comfortable; getting an adapted hiking shoes is always a good option if you hike regularly, but for a one time hike, a comfortable tennis shoes with an adequate sole thickness will do the job. Never wear newly bought shoes for the first time on your hike, that’s a big NO.
  • Backpack: you need this to carry all the items mentioned, make it a light one, if it has insulation it’s much better, specially to keep the water in a normal temperature.
  • Sun-glasses: will protect your eyes from the sun and wind.
  • Extra Clothes: take an extra t-shirt, an extra pair of socks, and something to warm you in case you are in areas where it gets cold at night.
  • Small Swiss knife: as we all know , they are multi purpose and can be useful during your hike, again if you don’t have one, it’s not a must.

Hope you enjoy your hike, if you can think of anything else to add, please mention it in the comments below.

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