Reset the net: June 5th 2014 #ResetTheNet

FacebookCover We use the internet to be ourselves but governments are building a prison around it we have to stop them, but how ? they seem so vast and powerful, but government spies have a weakness, they can hack anybody but they can’t have everybody. Folks like the NSA depend  on collecting insecure data from tapped fiber. They depend on our mistakes – mistakes we can fix. The Plan: Reset the Net. Together on June 5th, one year after snowden’s first NSA story, we all take one powerful step to turn off government spying and turn on freedom. the call is simple : Find some territory of the internet that you can protect from prying eyes. Seize and hold it.

Are you a developer? Promise to add one NSA-resistant feature to your app.

Are you an internet user? Promise to try one NSA-resistant privacy tool. (ex: always use https when browsing, Google are making very soon an extension for Chrome you can use  )

Got a website or tumblr? Run our splash screen on Tune 5th to show the world we’re resetting the net.

This is our moment .. to rally and realize our power. Without needing anyone’s permission, we can decide our future. One that’s safe, open, and free. It won’t be easy, but if we work hard now, the internet will never be a prison. Reset the Net – Are you in?? Sign up!


Pledge to add SSL, HSTS & PFS protection this year; it matters! Then, on June 5th, run the splash screen to promote free software for end-to-end encryption. Already rocking SSL & HSTS? Consider approaches to end-to-end crypto.

Mobile apps

If your app talks to a server, use SSL & cert pinning, and make sure all third party code like ads & analytics does too. If it’s a messaging app, consider end-to-end encryption. Then on June 5th, send a push notification to promote a mobile privacy pack.

All of us

Pledge to try & share NSA-resistant privacy tools on June 5th, and join theThunderclap to protest on social media. In the meantime, join the #ResetTheNet Twitter brigade & help get more sites to join in.


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