Modern Car Maintenance Tips

Did you know that a modern car has as many as 75,000 parts including the universal muffler? Unlike before, modern cars now do not require as much attention as they did before. However, it does not mean that you will not conduct any more basic maintenance procedures. You still need to do various check-ups to keep your vehicle in its best condition and maintaining its value.

As a driver, apart from having excellent driving habits, you must know how to manage the maintenance of your vehicle and have a good car cleaning habits, too. To simply guide you on how to maintain a car, just remember the acronym TOWBI. Read on and let’s take a look and learn what TOWBI means.

Car Tire

Tire checking includes inspecting the pressure and tread. The pressure of your tires should be checked every other day while every week for its possible wear and damages. Car tires should be inspected for bald spots and bulges, too.


We all know that oil is the life blood of your car’s engine. The oil inside your vehicle enables your engine’s parts to rotate smoothly and work properly.

The rule is you have to change your oil every three months or when you finally reached 3,000 miles. This will maximize the reliability and efficiency of your vehicle’s engine in the long run. Different modern cars can go for about 5,000 up to 10,000 miles. Refer to your vehicle’s manual to check how far your car can go between change oil.

Moreover, every month, check the oil level of your car to ensure that it maintains the recommended oil level. Add oil if it is low and check for possible leaks, too.


Have a regularly check-up of all the lights, mirrors, and windows to make sure that they are clean and unbroken. To ensure that your windows are working properly, spray a clear silicone spray in the window run. Then, let it stand for about 30 to 60 seconds. Start rolling your window up and down to check if the window will run smoothly and to lubricate the lower run, too. By doing this, you will prolong the life of your window regulator.


The brake system is one of the essential parts in a vehicle since it ensures the safety of the driver and its passengers. Before heading out on your road trip, have your brake system checked to make sure that it is working. Also, it is recommended to have your brake system inspect at each change oil session. Brake linings, rotors, and drums are some of the parts that need to check.



Maintain the interior of your car clean by doing vacuum session regularly. Place a trash bin to minimize the trash from spreading all over your vehicle. Have the habit of cleaning your car seats to avoid the dust and dirt from accumulating. Remember, the more often you do cleaning, the easier it will be and less time it will take the next time you will conduct car cleaning.

We all know that consistent vehicle’s maintenance is essential in keeping your car in its best condition and reliable for the years to come. Just remember TOWBI when doing your car maintenance!

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