Apple IOS vs Google Android

Are you getting a new phone, do you get and iPhone or an Android based phone? The Latest iPhone has the IOS6 installed where as the latest android is 4.1.2. Both operating systems/ phones are very good and have the  essentials. I will try listing below the options that defer them from each others maybe I can help you choose what’s best for you.


  • If you live in the “Eco system” of apple (Mac, ipad, ipod,apple TV) you definitely have to stop thinking about it and go get yourself an iPhone no Matter what are the pros or the cons.
  • The apple store is one of the richest in applications, you are able to find anything you thinking about and you can be sure that all the applications there are good since everything is pre moderated.
  • Push notification center is a bit better then others , specially that you can mute apps specifically without stopping it’s sync
  • 1 phone to choose from
  • If connected to the car kit and you click on use phone, it will remember to use phone next time the phone ring, of course if you reconnect it will go back to normal. it’s a very helpful feature if you have people with you in the car


  • If you like accessing the files on your phone ( phone can be a USB )
  • If you use the cell phone for navigation ( google maps ), since apple messed up their maps navigation in the latest IOS
  • You like help in your daily rout to home or work , public place,sport results etc .. (only available in android 4.1+ google now)
  • Synchronizing you data is more easy on android than iPhone (personal opinion)
  • Range of phones you can choose from Nexus(by google)Samsung Motorola , LG, HTC and many many others
  • If you like to customize your home screen, widgets and application icons
  • If you like to open flash movies or see flash videos on your phone
  • If you like to use NFC, but it’s not available in all devices
  • If you like to have removable battery and storage
  • Wireless app installation, install application to you phone from your computer
  • Bluetooth connection with other devices

Above is my experience with both lines of phones, please leave in the comments other points you can think of and we can update this post.

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