Drinking Culture: TOP 5 Original Bars of Strange Design

You never visit bars as you think it is wasting time to go from the bar to bar to drink something. There are many bars and restaurants in the world that are worth visiting just because of the interest to the world culture and architecture. The most of them are situated deep in the underground caves with no sunlight. The others are located on the top of the roof of a high skyscraper. If you want to drink something special and watch animals, you can also find the proper bar. If you want to relax at the ocean view – you welcome! There are also special cafes and bars to watch the North Lights!

Chief Ike's, Washington DC


Skeletons Bar, Switzerland

There is an interesting Skeletons Bar in the Gruyeres, Switzerland. The world famous designer HR Giger worked to make the bar interior so creative and scaring. The interior impresses you a lot. It looks like you are sitting inside the big monster. The chairs are designed as the skeletons. There are many skulls and other parts of the human body everywhere. These strange elements make the bar interior scaring and attractive at the same time.

The bar is a real city attraction. It is located close to the Giger’s Museum that is devoted to the works of the famous designer. The bar is decorated with plastic, glass and stones. The building is old and beautiful. The most of the old elements were renewed and restored from original. The visitors are offered to seat at the small table at the massive oval window. The bar is popular to rent for exclusive parties and other events. You can try a lot of interesting things here like popular cocktails, elite alcohol and dishes from chef. The bar started work at 1993 to be one of the world popular bars in the world.

Cova d’en Xoroi Bar, Spain

The amazing cave is situated in the South part of Minorca. This is a real historical attraction. There are many interesting legends about it. According to one of these stories, there was a Turkish pirate that was hiding in the cave with a young beautiful girl. The cave is situated in the admiring place – in the rock over the ocean.

The cave was rebuilt in a legendary bar that is the favorite place for tourists to have some rest. The bar visitors can take the table inside or stay on the open terrace to see the ocean view. It is quiet and relaxing during the day and time to party in the evening. You can meet a lot of famous musicians and D-Js.



Baobab Bar, South Africa

This is one more interesting bar with exciting decoration that you can visit in the African province. One of many natural characteristics of this territory is the variety of huge baobabs. The bar is located inside the tree. One of locals equipped the bar in the baobab. You can get there through the small door. It is roomy inside. There is also a wine vault and bar counter, resting zones for visitors and dance platforms. It is said that baobab where the bar is situated is the biggest in the world. The tree body is 47 meters diameter and 6 000 years old.

The bar hall gathers about 60 people all together. The bar is equipped with interesting accessories: old dishes, lamps that make the important part of the inner lights. The history of this bar is very interesting. It started work 20 years ago. There were no conveniences like water, lights. The owners of this territory cleaned it, equipped with modern conveniences and started to work. The tree lives and works today.

Hands On


Lagoon Bar, Iceland

You should know that the chic balneology resort is called The Blue Lagoon. This is the territory of hot basins. So, this is a favorable place for fashionable resorts and one of the most interesting bars in the world that is located on the territory of the resort. The point of it is that you can swim in the hot pleasant water and drink hot cocktails. There is a team of experienced waiters that work in the swimming suits. They are ready to bring your order to different parts of the resort territory. You are offered to try not only the popular cocktails, but ice-cream and other interesting snacks.

If you want to take break from the water procedures, you can spend some time at the wooden terraces with coffee tables. The water temperature at winter time is 40 hot. So, there is nothing strange that the bar is very popular for visitors as they can order something hot or cold. The blue lagoon is 200 meters wide. This is a unique SPA complex now. There is a great restaurant, medical clinic, shops and cafes. SPA complex was opened in 1999. Of course, the locals started swimming in the water of this basin much earlier. So, if you want to visit one of the most interesting bars, you can find it right here.

bridge over blue lagoon


O’Noir Bar, Canada

One of the main Montreal attractions is the big choice of gastronomy establishments. You can be easily failed in the variety of cafes, bars, pubs, restaurants even of you are experienced gourmand. It is a good idea to hire a car in Montreal and drive over the city to find the best place to drink and eat. There is one place that you should not miss.

The O’Noir Restaurant makes you to eat in the dark space. It is more than strange! The half of the personnel is blind waiters. Why? This is the social program to give work for blind or special people. The can feel food in the dark by touch and smell. For example, the taste of vegetables is stronger, the fish instead becomes tasteless. The chef and personnel are typical Canadians. This is the space not only for dinner but degustation, special thematic parties. The impressions from the dark parties are excited. The restaurants of this type are popular in Europe, Australia, USA, China.

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