How to get white teeth naturally?

Struggling to get that pearl like white teeth back? Well, fret no more, because we have the solution. But to know how to fight with the yellowing of one’s teeth, it is essential that you know what causes it. There are several reasons for the discoloration of your teeth and a major part of it includes your lifestyle choices and obviously, to some extent, your genetics.

The part of your teeth which is apparent to the naked eye is known as enamel, which gives our teeth the white color. Now, there are certain food and drinks which might let the enamel of your teeth decay and thus reveal the yellow dentin. Smoking too can cause discoloration and so on goes the list. To speak of the ways by which you can get back your natural white color, you can always go for artificial methods and end up paying a fortune or you can simply go natural on your teeth. Here are few natural ways to get your white teeth back:

Mix some baking soda with a dash of lemon juice- There is no better thing than this duo. Baking soda or Sodium bicarbonate acts as an abrasive, which removes all the stains from your teeth and the lemon juice is one good, natural, bleach. Thus when you mix these two, put some of this paste on your toothbrush and brush your teeth for about some time and then wash it off, all the stains will be removed and your teeth will turn, comparatively, whiter. Do not overuse this paste on your teeth, because that can damage them severely but try and stick to this, once a week and you will get what you desire.

Apple does keep the doctors away, even the dentist- It is a known fact that crunchy fruits are good for health. So, we have all followed the pattern and started munching those apples left in the fruit bowl. But these apples help you immensely in maintaining the whiteness of your teeth, because they have malic acid, which dissolves all the stains.

Strawberry, baking soda and salt scrub- Strawberry is yummy as it is, but when mixed with salt and baking soda it will work wonders for your teeth. We have already covered the part as to what baking soda does for your teeth and to top it off, the strawberry, which has Vitamin C helps break down the plaque. There is also malic acid present in it, which removes the stain and the salt is the abrasive component which scrubs away the stains, physically.

Neem Leaf Twigs to get white teeth right at home: Considered as the oldest trick for a fuller and bright set of dentals, the neem leaf twigs have been in the scene for a long period of time. In fact before the arrival of these branded toothbrushes with fascinating qualities came on board the twig of this leave was the to-go for the best gum, cavity, and tooth care. It serves the purpose gradually and one can use it by squeezing the juice inside the twigs with the help of the teeth and in spite of using a toothbrush get useful ones from the Mother Nature.

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