Jobs You Didn’t Know Exist

Thanks to multi-talented people, there are now more dynamic jobs that require more than one skill for people to do. There are different industries that are in constant need of an injection of talent and there are different practices such as endo that companies are experimenting with. The job market has become so diverse because of different businesses that are trying to satisfy the mass’ needs thus giving birth to jobs that you’ve probably never heard of.


Netflix Tagger

If you find yourself watching TV series all day, why not get paid doing that. Netflix hires people to watch hours and hours of their TV series and movies and create tags for them. These tags are meant for the easier identification of what genres or categories these films fall under. This will assist the users in finding shows and films that they may find intriguing. So, as you can see not just anyone who wants to watch movies can apply for this job, you have to have in depth knowledge in films.


Waterslide Tester

Yes, it is exactly what it sounds, you will go to different water parks trying out their different waterslides and giving a rating on your experience. You still have to give a detailed report on the experience and other things such as splash factor and potential safety concerns. As fun as the job sounds this is a serious job because it will determine the adjustments the waterpark has to make. It gives you chance to travel and free access to parks not to mention the pay that can reach up to $34,000.


Tea Taster

There are people who love tea religiously, these are the people perfect for this position. All you have to do all day is sip cups of tea, more or less about 200 cups, that should be enough tea to keep your cravings at bay. A requirement for this type of job is a palate that is sensitive to different flavors of tea. Not only do you get to dive into the different flavors of tea you also have the opportunity to travel to different countries and meet suppliers trying their new products.


Mattress Jumper

Whenever you check in a hotel and see your room for the first time you have that urge, that inner kid in you telling you to jump on the mattress. What you don’t know is that this is an actual profession and an integral part in the manufacturing of mattresses. This is done to compress the cotton batting within the mattress, this is important especially for those thousand-dollar mattress. As much as you’re tempted to do tricks and back flips on the mattress, it’s not that easy. There is a methodical way to professionally jump on mattress, you have to be able to evenly impact the mattress. Who knew there was a wrong way to jump on a mattress.

As consumer needs evolve. More and more jobs start popping up, you never know when your hobby can become something you get paid to do. It also doesn’t mean that it’s an odd or fun job there is no way to mess it up, there are different methodologies and practical reasons to get these jobs done.

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