Temporary Home Decor Ideas for Renters

If you’re one of the many people who are looking at apartments for rent in Palakkad but are hesitant because you’re not sure how you can do it up to reflect your taste and style, here are some easy but cool tips. We know that decorating a rental is not as easy as decorating your own home so everything we’re mentioning here, is temporary.

  • Space utilization: Apartments are not as spacious and large like villas so you need to make the most of the limited space available. Invest in multipurpose pieces of furniture – chairs or ottomans that have hidden storage, bookshelves that double as room partitions, extendable coffee tables that can also store, and so on. You can also use a small room well by hanging stuff on walls and using colorful bins.
  • Kitchen: Magnetic strips can be hung on the wall to hold knives, peelers and the like. You can also hang your good pots and pans; decorative dishes can be fixed on the walls using a couple of nails/screws. You can also keep glassware on display shelves if you have limited cabinet space in the kitchen of your Palakkad rental flat.
  • Bedroom: most of us spend the maximum time here, so it’s vital that you create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Pastel shades, fluffy blankets, lots of pillows and cushions, removable wallpaper, a small colorful rug and pretty curtains can bring calm and relaxation to your mind – and look beautiful too.
  • Bathroom: the hidden storage should be used for toilet cleaners and so on. You can buy bathroom sets for storing your toothbrushes, soap and so on. Glass shelves on the walls can hold other toiletries; place small jars in between for a decorative and sophisticated look to the space. If you want to add pattern or color layers, pair plain colored bath towels with printed/patterned hand towels.
  • Lighting: You can buy inexpensive but beautiful looking table and floor lamps to personalize the space and give it character. A well placed lamp can transform a particular space – create a reading nook in the living room by placing an adjustable height floor lamp for example.
  • Go green: Choose indoor potted plants and place a couple of them in your living room and in your balcony if you have one. Plants are a pleasant sight, and purify the air too.
  • Window treatments: you can’t change the windows, but you can dress them up as you like! Choose blinds or curtains of your choice to give the apartment in Palakkad a personal touch.
  • Dress up the walls: Hang family pictures on a wall – choose happy moments you want to relive, and the apartment will truly feel like home.

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