Yahoo has introduced New version of yahoo Messenger !!!!

Yahoo decided to introduce a new version of its messenger application in the beginning of August 2016. Users were consistently facing Y! Mail sign-in issues while using the old version. Yahoo decided to focus on their messenger app which was not updated for many years. Yahoo messenger is the instant messaging app which only worked on the web or via iOS and Android application but users are not really happy with the new version of this app as there are many features which are not available in the new version of Yahoo messenger app.

In the end of the July, they announced that they had a change in its new application and launched a new app for windows. On August 5, the old version of messenger stops working when the servers were shut down by Yahoo. Users who are not aware of the reason for this shutdown went to the Yahoo website and downloaded the new version of this app and they are thinking that they got an update version of this app.

After downloading this new version, they come to know that this new app is lacking all the brilliant feature which was available on the old version is not there in new one. The old version consists of many features that made it great but the user soon realised that they new version don’t have many features which were there on the old version. The reactions of the users are not pretty well for this new version.

The feedbacks given by users are not great about this new app. The feedback forum is filled with many complaints about this new version from the users. They people who are the frequent users of this app asking yahoo to bring back the old version of this messenger. Users are complaining about the lack of features which was the older app. Users want the old version of Yahoo messenger app as there are many amazing features which were available.

In the new version, the user can’t invite any other contacts, can’t view if the person is online or not and also don’t do video chat. These are some features which are available in the old version of Yahoo messenger. The reviews given by the users about the new app is not good as it is not user-friendly. People are also saying that Yahoo is going out of business. But it’s true that many features which were there in old version are not available in new version.

They also announced that the new version is available for Mac and windows version. With many drawbacks, the new messenger consists of many brilliant features. With the help of new version of this app, the user can easily send messages, photos and also animated GIFs quickly as compared to old version. Drag and drop feature is also available in its new version which saves precious time of the users.

There are many amazing features in new version such as a Unsend button is also available and you can also work on the different program without missing any important message from friends and families. If you wish to use this new version of Yahoo messenger app then you can easily download it from the official Yahoo website.


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