Fun Facts about Monaco and Japan [infographic]

Monaco is the second smallest country in the world. Only Vatican City is smaller than it. A regular town block is probably bigger than this country! However, Monaco is taking the top position for overall life expectancy. On average, based on the official CIA information, it’s 89.52 years, which is even 5 years higher than in Japan, which is historically considered to be the country of the rising Sun, raw fish, and the oldest people.

An interesting fact is that Monaco and Japan have barely anything in common. They are located on different continents, have different climate, different history and traditions (including religion, food, medicine, etc.). Yes. Japan is bigger in population and territory, and centuries older than Monaco as a country. Yet they occupy two top positions for life expectancy.

Traditionally it is believed that Japanese people live longer because of the old medicine secrets (herbs, acupuncture, etc.). And if this is true how would Monacans explains their long lives? Good question!

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THE SEYCHELLES, Anarchipelago of islands of the Indian Ocean

Off the Indian Ocean lies the Seychelles, a land full of an awe of beauty right form the beaches, the coral reefs, its deep waters known for diving, nature reserves up to the rare wildlife such as the giant Aldabra tortoise. A travel to this rare beauty is one to look forward to making a visit. Seychelles is therefore regarded as a town where tourism as an industry thrives well.

What you need to know


The Seychelles is a collection of several islands listed in groups;

  • Granite based islands such as Mahe, Praslin silhouette island and Felicite islands
  • The coral sand cays which include, Denis,Bird Platte and Coevitty
  • Coral islands in the amirants group, The Alphonse,Benjamin and Etoile
  • Coral islands in the Farquhar groupsuch as ,North Manaha, Middle Manaha and South Manaha and lastly the raised coral islands in the aldabra group comprising of Picard and Malabar just but to name a few of the islands in each group


The island can pride itself in having a range of wildlife almost rare in other countries. Be it forests that can only be described as an epitome of fathoming beauty, it holds the world rarest bird the Seychelles’ black parrot (the national bird of the country) the giant aldabra tortoise, the paradise fly catcher, neriteplicata, and the common sea bird flocks in the islands, fresh water crabs and several unique varieties of orchids
Worth noting is the marine life around the lands which can be very spectacular recording more than 1000 species of fish.

Aldabra gian tortoise
nerite plicata
nerite plicata
The paradise fly catcher

Culture and cuisine

The cuisine in this islands is mostly dominated by fish dishes often accompanied with rice, the culinary involved in preparation may range from steaming, grilling ,baking or smoking and the famous ladob eaten as a dessert comprising of ripe plantain and sweet potatoes but may include cassava, breadfruit or even corossol. Apart from this staple food, you are likely to come across chicken dishes dhal (lentils) and fresh tropical fruits. The island is a fusion of many cultures blending from African and Asian and European descent given there were no original inhabitants creating a modern creole culture.


The Seychelles landmarks range from the prominent clock tower in the middle of Victoria to a former slave school (the mission slave lounge) on the coast of Mahe. The island is a host to almost thirty monuments all protected because of their historic and archeological significance. However, the majority of the landmarks oldest monuments, creole buildings and colonial structures are on the Mahe Island. Making a travel around the island is refreshing.

The clock tower(also known as the lorloz)



Transportation and accommodation
Transportation around the island is not quite a problem. You can either choose from a detailed bus scheduled with exact arrival and departure times, independently operated taxis available on Mahe, Praslin and la digue islands or hire cars with one of the several companies at the international airport at Mahe and at larger hotels. However most companies require you to have a valid E.U or International license and will deliver the rental at you place of choice. Hired vehicles can also be booked through the ground-handling operator. A shuttle service also operates between Praslin and Mahe Island the flight only lasting 15 minutes making it easier for a tourist to explore the two islands. Connecting the island can be done by sea where both the traditional and modern ferries which allow you to enjoy the cool sea breeze.
The island offers very comfortable accommodation suited to individual afford. The hotels include Northolme resort and spa, Banyan tree, Barbarons resort and spa, Kempinski, Le relax hotel and restaurant and Eden bleu. All giving the best service to make the customer feel relaxed and enjoy the stay all the way. This is why the inhabitants embrace tourism.

The 9 Layers of Elevator Heck [infographic]

Time spent in elevators is usually a short experience, but it goes for a long memory and creates impressions.

There is a believe that a good company (whether it’s office, hotel or restaurant) has to have really nice restrooms. However, these are not the only secondary opinion factors. Add to that location, view, and elevators! Yes! Elevators!

And when you think that nothing bad can happen to you in this nice and shining box – think twice. For example, you are in a very nice elevator that is taking you p to the 36th floor for your job interview. It doesn’t take too long to get there, but you spend these short moments talking with your best friend and telling him/her how nervous you are, and that you are not sure if you are good enough for this job, etc. Well, be careful – because your interviewer might be standing right next to you.

At the same time the most fun / hell (underline what applies to you) happens not in luxurious elevators, but in absolutely casual ones, like this infographic suggests.

Good or bad, but our life would have been a lot harder without elevators. So, enjoy your elevator heck!

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Top 6 Rules For Effective SEO

The rules of search engine optimization are constantly changing, and it is not just about the use of keywords. Relevant content and user friendly design and layout are important factors as well. And with the rising number of users searching the internet with their mobile devices, it is no doubt that mobile friendliness has become a crucial element in SEO.

If you are a startup business owner, here are a few SEO rules to follow so you can gain better ranking on search engine results pages:

Provide Interesting Content

It is not just about getting your target audience to click your link from the search engine results page. It is, more importantly, about getting your site visitors to stay on your website and click that buy button or call your store. And how do you do this? By offering relevant, interesting content that will keep them hooked on your page and navigate through your website until they finally decide to make a purchase.

Include Relevant Keywords and Phrases

Aside from your target keywords, make sure to also include relevant keywords or phrases. For instance, if you want to rank for ‘best mobile app’, it is not enough to place this keyword phrase in key areas in your content, such as the heading, the main body, the image alt text, and meta description. You also need to add your other keywords that would catch the attention of search engines, like iPhone app, Android app, or app for finding best restaurants, for example.

Make It Shareable

Social sharing is the new word of mouth. You want your content to be something that your users will find good enough to share to their family and friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. Start with quality, original content that is long enough to have all the interesting stuff, has appealing images, and share buttons that make it so convenient for your audience to post your page on their social media account with just one click.

Go for Long Form Content

A recent SEO training online suggests that you forget about 300 to 500 words. Recent studies show that pages with longer content of at least 1,200 words rank better in SEO. Keep your copy engaging by breaking it down with sub-headings, adding bullet points, images, tables, and infographics.

Be Mobile Friendly

As mentioned earlier, more and more people are using their smartphones and tablets to get information, which is why it is very important to make sure that your content is searchable on mobile devices. On Google, mobile friendly sites are given higher ranks on mobile devices than those which are not. So, go talk to your website developer if your site does not yet have a mobile friendly version.

Add Unique Images

Although using stock images is not bad at all, having unique images on your website helps to set it apart from the rest of competition. Using your own images adds value to your site and will pay off eventually as more and more of your readers become committed to your site, visiting it more often and sharing its links on their blogs and social media accounts.

Featured images:

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Tour Santa Monica

California is known to be one of the most beautiful states with plenty of attractive must-visit areas. One place you do not want to miss is Santa Monica, just west of downtown Los Angeles. From hot tourist attractions to relaxing sunsets on the beach, Santa Monica has endless possibilities that will make it your dream vacation.

One of the most well-known spots in Santa Monica is Venice Beach. This is the place to go if you’re interested in finding some souvenirs to take home or purchase some unique art. Street vendors sell anything from paintings to henna tattoos.

If you’re interested in shopping and hitting up the hottest boutiques, check out Third Street Promenade. Not only will you have access to multiple high-end outlets all on one street, but you’ll also get to enjoy a variety of street performers, including, bands, musicians, and more. Stores on Third Street Promenade include Brandy Melville, jewelry boutiques, Abercrombie and Fitch, Fossil, gift shops, street vendors, and more.

santa monica shopping area, Third Street Promenade

Although not commonly known as a tourist attraction, the Santa Monica Airport is a neat spot to visit. Head on up to the observation deck to watch planes take off and land right in front of your eyes. Grab a bite to eat at the Typhoon restaurant while you’re at it!

santa monica airport


A trip to California is not complete without spending a day on the beach. Visit famous spots such as Muscle Beach or find a less-crowded spot to watch a spectacular sunset over the ocean. Take a dip in the cool water and maybe catch a wave or two.



Easily one of the most famous attractions of Santa Monica is the Santa Monica Pier. Here, you’ll find restaurants, gift shops, the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, and the iconic Ferris wheel, part of Pacific Ocean Park (which offers other amusement rides, as well, for $5- $8 per ride for one person). Walk down to the end of the pier to witness a fantastic view of the Pacific Ocean, or have fun on the rollercoaster and other attractions. At night, watch the Ferris wheel light up as you enjoy a concert.



Santa Monica has a wide variety of restaurants for you to try out. For the seafood-lover, check out Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. at the pier. Tender Greens is the place to go for all-around American cuisine. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, great options include Café Gratitude, Thai Vegan, and Native Foods Café.

As far as transportation goes, the city busses (Big Blue Bus) are your best bet. Of course, having your own car is nice, but you’ll be competing with LA traffic and it is often not worth it to own a car when many places are within walking distance from most residential areas. For the places that you can’t walk to, city bus rides are $1 per ride. Special prices exist for seniors and college students, and multiple-ride passes are available starting from $4 for a day pass up to $50 for an unlimited-ride local 30-day pass. City busses can take you to and from a variety of places, including Santa Monica College and Third Street Promenade. Alternatively, Uber is a quick and easy way to get from one place to another without having to wait for a bus.


Whatever your main reason for visiting Santa Monica is, there is a little bit of something for everybody. For college kids, a day of shopping and hanging out on the beach is likely to be the highlight of the trip. For a couple on a romantic getaway, an evening at a fancy restaurant followed by a walk down Third Street Promenade is the way to go. Kids are most likely to enjoy a day at Pacific Ocean Park on the pier and a visit to the Santa Monica Airport. With so many options for entertainment, a vacation to Santa Monica will not disappoint- just remember to schedule enough days to fit it all in!

Cagliari, a little-known treasure

People travel to Sardinia for the sun, sea and sand and the historical capital city Cagliari is often overlooked. With beautiful buildings, glamorous shopping streets and some great local restaurants Cagliari is a great destination in its own right. What’s more, young Sardinians are starting to realize the lucrative possibilities of their city as a tourist destination and some cool budget accommodation options are beginning to emerge.


Transportation and Accommodation

A taxi from the Cagliari-Elmas International Airport to the city centre costs approximately 30 euros. You can also take the train or the bus. Trains in Sardinia are efficient and from the city’s main station, Ferrovie dello Stato you can get connections to destinations all over the island.
Most of the hotels are located in the old town or behind Via Roma. There is also a lot of accommodation in the port area. Il Cagliarese on Via Vittorio Porcile is a great value, quirky guesthouse with friendly hosts who will give you reliable tips on where to go and what to see.

Things to do and sights to see

Unlike other major European tourist destinations such as Barcelona, Cagliari does not advertise itself as a weekend getaway and as a result is not swarming with tourists.
The old medieval town or castello is an interesting place to spend an afternoon. At the top of the hill, the view across the city to the sea is spectacular. The view gets even better if you climb the Torre di San Pancrazio (not recommended if you suffer from vertigo!).
One of the most interesting sites in the old town is the observation deck Bastione San Remy, which was used as a shelter during World War Two. The cathedral is well worth a visit and other beautiful churches include the Collegiata di Sant’Anna. Architecture buffs will be interested in the examples of Fascist neoclassical architecture, such as the Palazzo di Giustizia in Republic Square.
Near the port, there are many spectacular 19th and early 20th buildings. Spend a few hours wandering along Via Roma taking in the grandeur and the designer stores.


Food and tips

One of the most romantic things to do in Cagliari after dark is dine al fresco. Sardinian cuisine is distinct from Italian food and one of the island’s great attractions. You will find high-quality seafood dishes near the port but local specialties are actually hearty meat-based dishes like sausage stew and roast suckling pig. Most of the restaurants cluster together in the area directly behind Via Roma although it is definitely worth exploring further afield.
Cagliari is heaven if you have a sweet tooth. Traditional pastries and cakes are routinely served with coffee and ice cream is a local specialty. You will find gelaterias on every street corner and in every square. The city is also great for coffee lovers. Caffes generally have terraces where you can spend an afternoon reading and people watching. Some of the best, including Antico Caffe, are in Piazza Costituzione.

Cagliari is well worth a few days’ visit before you head to the beach. Go, but don’t tell anyone!

How To Advertise Your New Business

Everything a New Business Owner Needs to Know

Advertising your new business is crucial to its success, so it’s important to plan how you’re going to do it.

When you’re establishing a business, it’s easy to leave the advertising and marketing as an afterthought. After all, you’re going to be focusing on the concept and development of your business. This is a dangerous mentality to have though, as advertising your business well is vital to its success. Just devoting whatever time and resources you have left at the end won’t deliver a successful outcome. So how can you ensure your marketing campaign is a successful one?

Choosing the right platform

Think carefully about where you’re going to advertise your product. There are so many magazines out there, so start off by figuring out which ones your potential customers may be reading or looking at. Setting up a photography business? Advertise in wedding magazines. Selling tools? Go for DIY publications.

Consider advertising in the weekend editions of newspapers too – people are more likely to read them leisurely, cover to cover.

Consistent, small ads

Advertising in newspapers and magazines can be costly. So instead of a splashing out on a full-page advert, build your brand with frequent small ads. Flick through your daily newspaper and you’ll notice that companies of all sizes use this method – and it works! You’re more likely to remember the name of a business after prolonged exposure to it, after all.

Discount ad space

Magazines want to sell all of their ad space, so if there are still unused spaces left at the end of the month, it’s worth trying to bag yourself a discount. It’s a riskier strategy, so don’t rely on finding that cheap ad space alone. At the end of the day, if you pay the normal price for adverts in two magazines and a reduced price in one, you’re still saving money. If you’re a regular advertiser, you may be able to secure yourself an even better deal.

Get online

As well as setting up a website, make some social media accounts too. Twitter and Instagram are free to set up, and allow you to connect with millions of users. Track search terms that are relevant to your business, follow those who are in the industry and interact with potential customers. You should also pay attention to how the most successful companies grow their brand with a strong online presence.

Advertise with a PVC banner

As well as magazine readers and internet users, you need to attract passers-by too. Your business could be just the thing they need – but if they don’t know it’s there, you’ve lost out on a customer. So invest in a PVC banner to grab their attention. They don’t cost the earth to have made, and what you’ll get back from them in terms of visibility and passing trade makes them incredible value for money.

Starting as you mean to go on

With a great advertising and marketing strategy, there’s no reason why you can’t launch your business with real impact. We all have to start somewhere, but the key is to hit the ground running and attract customers from day one. By following all the advice in this guide, you can look forward to a long, happy and successful time at the helm of your company.

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Lee Reeves is the managing director at Signs and Print Ltd., which is one of the UK’s leading large format print providers.

Corsica, island of beauty

Off the coast of France rests a small island in the mediterranean. Traded from one country to another throughout the centuries, it begrudgingly remains a small, but very proud region of France. The island sits nearly forgotten from October until May, but in the summer months, Corsica comes alive as the “ile de la beaute”, or “island of beauty”. The nickname is fitting for this stunning island, with its turquoise beaches, soft sands and jagged mountains. The juxtaposition of its landscape makes for one heck of a postcard. Because the terrain is so varied, Corsica is perfect for anyone from the avid hiker to the lazy beach bum.


Corsica is technically a region of France, but the people who live there could more accurately be described as Italians who happen to speak french. Everyone is warm, and welcoming. They want you there and they want you to enjoy their island. And there is so much to do and see, it’s not a very difficult task.


The food in Corsica tastes Italian with a French twist. The pizza and pasta is to die for, but then again so are the crepes and galettes. If you want to eat something more traditional you can’t go wrong with Corsica’s figatellu, a traditional spiced sausage or blettes, a regional savory pastry. But if you’re not hungry, a simple coffee by the sea will wake you up and make you wonder how French coffee can taste so much better.

Cities to Visit

There are more than few major cities in Corsica worth seeing. Ajaccio, is not only the capital of the island, but is also Napoleon Bonaparte’s birthplace. Ties to Napoleon are all over the city from the main drag, Cours Napoleon, to souvenirs shops that sell everything from Napoleon mugs to hand towels. It’s even possible to go and visit the house where he was born.

coast costarica

Ajaccio is a beautiful town with a sparkling blue ocean and palm trees against a backdrop of severe-looking mountains. Although Ajaccio is beautiful in the summertime, in the spring, it snows in the mountains, but stays warm enough to swim in the sea. In the early spring, it is possible to go skiing at “valle d’eze”, a slope with a view. Only 45 minutes from Ajaccio, it’s possible to ski up high and look at the sea below.


However, Ajaccio isn’t the only major city worth a visit. To the north is Bastia, Corsica’s other major city. A bit of a younger crowd, Bastia has a great nightlife scene. Whether you’re having drinks by the marina, or find a cool new bar in the old town, you won’t be bored. Also situated by the sea, Bastia offers more of a hustle and bustle atmosphere. Just as pretty as Ajaccio, it is split into old and new town. New town boasts lots of shopping and restaurants while old town’s historic center is perfect for any history buff.


Slightly south of Bastia is Corte, the only university town in Corsica. The city is nestled in the mountains. At first you might think you made a wrong turn and ended up in Utah. Although hiking is big in all of Corsica, the hiking trails around Corte are some of the best on the island. The waterfalls and rocky cliffs are worth the sometimes strenuous trek.


Haute-corse, or Northern Corsica, is the very tippy top of the island. Regarded by Corsicans as the most traditional region, it may also be the most picturesque. Tiny towns have remained nestled in their hillsides for centuries. If you have a car and don’t mind the windy roads, haute-corse is perfect for a romantic time away. Flit from one town to another, enjoying the quiet atmosphere. Little churches, cafes and boutique hotels abound in this part of the island.

bonifacio corsica

Corsica is magic. It’s just off the beaten track to where it isn’t swimming with tourists, but touristy enough so if you don’t speak French, it’s never a problem. Whether you’re into a day at the beach, a great nightlife scene, a romantic getaway, or an avid hiker, there is something for everyone. This sunny destination welcomes you home.

Exploring St.John’s: One of the Oldest Cities In North America

When people think of vacation they imagine themselves soaking in the sun shine on a nice sandy beach, not soaking wet from walking around in rain and fog, which will likely be the case if you visit St. John’s, Newfoundland. But don’t let the horrible weather deter you. St. John’s is a beautiful city with as much character as there are bars on George Street.

Weather wise, August and September are the best months to visit. They tend to be the warmest (high 20’s ºC is usually as hot as it gets) and have the least amount of rainfall. The temperature can drop quite a bit in the evening though, so make sure to bring some warm clothes along with those shorts and tees.

If you’re planning to come to Newfoundland to see the icebergs then be prepared for the cold. Iceberg season is late May to June and with the ice comes northerly winds. Temperatures fluctuate a lot this time of year so layering will be your best friend. So, now that you know what to pack, let’s talk about what you can do once you land in this colorful city.


The Rooms – 9 Bonaventure Ave.

Hours – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday-Saturday:10-5; Wednesday:10-9; Sunday:12-5

Cost – Free(children 5 and under)-$10; they do offer free admissions to everyone on Wednesdays between 6-9pm

If you’re in St. John’s, you need to check out The Rooms. For one, it’s one of the coolest buildings you will ever see and has amazing views of the harbour and downtown. It’s also the best place to learn some Newfoundland history. If history is not your thing there are art exhibits and a cafe which sells really yummy food.


Johnson Geo Centre – Signal Hill

Hours – 9:30am-5pm everyday

Cost – Free(children 5 and under)-$12

This place is a must if you have kids that are into science. With exhibits ranging from the solar system to geology to the history of the Titanic, there is a lot to see and learn. Plus, it’s on the way to Cabot Tower (one of the biggest tourist attractions here) so why not stop in on the way.

Historical Sites

Signal Hill/Cabot Tower

Signal Hill - Cabot Tower

Located on the east end of downtown St. John’s, this historical site offers some of the best views in the city. It is the site of the famous Cabot Tower, which was built in 1898 to commemorate the 400th year anniversary of the discovery of Newfoundland by John Cabot. It is also where the first transatlantic wireless signal was received by Marconi in 1901. Cabot Tower is open to the public during summer months. There is a gift shop and some steep stairs that lead you to the top of the tower. It is a amazing view but if you’re afraid of heights, skip out on this one.

Cape Spear

You will need a car to get here but it is definitely worth it. Cape Spear is about a 20 minute drive outside of St. John’s and is site to one of the oldest lighthouses in Newfoundland and the remnants of a World War II coastal defence fort. During the summer months the lighthouse keeper’s family home is open to the public, giving you a look at what a home would have looked like in the 1800’s. You can walk the trails, explore the fort ruins, stand in the most easterly point of North America and get some really nice pictures to show your friends and family back home.

Food and Drink

George Street

If you are 19 or older and want to check out the night life, this is the place to go. It is a little street in downtown St. John’s that only contains bars. That’s it! There are 21 in total ranging from Irish pubs to dance clubs.

Looking to be Screeched-In Christian’s Bar is the best place to do it.

This is a very short list of the things to do here. The best way to experience the city is to just walk around downtown. Get lost, see the old building, eat a touton at the Bagel Cafe, talk to the locals and just take in the culture. You’ll love it here so much you’ll be planning you’re next trip before you even leave.

Experience Magical Niagara Falls

Some things can’t be fully appreciated without a personal visit. Niagara Falls is definitely in that category. There are millions of photos taken of this natural wonder but none will ever capture the majesty of this impressive sight. You need to stand alongside the brink and watch as water thunders over the edge and then crashes below. Feel the mist on your skin. It’s a multi-sensory experience where words can’t fully capture the essence.

One of the great things about Niagara Falls is that it’s situated between the United States and Canada. You can fly into one of three international airports which are located in Buffalo, Toronto and Hamilton. There are transportation choices from any of these locations. You can arrange for a hotel stay on either the American or the Canadian side which are connected by several bridges. The Rainbow bridge has a pedestrian walkway so you can easily go from country to to country via foot or bike.

Plan to spend a few days because there’s so much to do. On the American side you’ll find a lovely park with paved pathways that take you alongside the river and over bridges. Bring a picnic lunch or purchase food from one of the many restaurant offerings. Whether you are looking for quick fast food, ethnic varieties or something more upscale, you’ll be able to find it. There are many other fun attractions in the area as well.

The Canadian side offers the beautiful Queen Victoria Park and Oakes Gardens. Walk along the gorge and then tour the picturesque gardens. The Butterfly Observatory offers a peaceful place to view some of the most delicate and colorful butterfly you’ll ever see. After you’ve had your fill of nature you can head back into the city area for a high-energy good time. Lundy lane is full of tourist attractions and you can easily spend hours visiting the museums, exhibits and indulging the many choices for food. Enjoy the amusement park rides or visit the water park. There’s fun for the whole family.
While new attractions come along every year or so, there’s some that have been there for decades. Here’s some of the most visited sights:

The Cave of the Winds is a series of wooden walkways that bring you right up close to the falls. You’ll be loaned a raincoat and you’ll definitely need it.

Cave of the Winds
Cave of the Winds

The Maid of the Mist is a boat ride that brings you directly to the base of the falls. You don’t want to miss this one! You can board from either the American or Canadian side of the falls.

Maid of the Mist
Maid of the Mist

The Journey Behind the Falls takes you down through a tunnel and you’ll emerge behind the falls. Marilyn Monroe was filmed in this attraction for the movie Niagara.

Journey Behind the Falls

The Whirlpool Aero Car is a suspended cable car crosses the gorge directly over the giant whirlpool on the Niagara River. Access is only from Canada.

Whirlpool Aero Car
Whirlpool Aero Car

That’s simply the beginning of the many ways to enjoy Niagara Falls. One popular way to see a lot of the sights is to purchase the Discovery Pass. Pay one price and you and you can visit all these attractions:

  • Niagara Adventure Theater
  • Aquarium of Niagara
  • Cave of the Winds Trip
  • Niagara Gorge Discovery Center
  • Maid of the Mist ®

Window Price: Adults-ages 13+ $63.25 – Children 6-12 $43.25

Online price: Adults ages 13+ $45.00-Children 6-12 $34.00

Admission is free for children five & under at all attractions in Niagara Falls State Park.