Fun Facts about Monaco and Japan [infographic]

Monaco is the second smallest country in the world. Only Vatican City is smaller than it. A regular town block is probably bigger than this country! However, Monaco is taking the top position for overall life expectancy. On average, based on the official CIA information, it’s 89.52 years, which is even 5 years higher than in Japan, which is historically considered to be the country of the rising Sun, raw fish, and the oldest people.

An interesting fact is that Monaco and Japan have barely anything in common. They are located on different continents, have different climate, different history and traditions (including religion, food, medicine, etc.). Yes. Japan is bigger in population and territory, and centuries older than Monaco as a country. Yet they occupy two top positions for life expectancy.

Traditionally it is believed that Japanese people live longer because of the old medicine secrets (herbs, acupuncture, etc.). And if this is true how would Monacans explains their long lives? Good question!

Median age and life expectancy from around the world put together by


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