Healing properties of fruit juices

Freshly made juices have undeniable healing properties, so a lot of people lately taken with juice fasts to heal your body is detoxifying or just tone, refresh and rejuvenate. It is recommended to drink juice prepared far from ripe fruits and vegetables. Within 5 – 15 minutes fresh juices lose substantial majority of useful properties – juice oxidises quickly and under the influence of air, sun and heat decompose and much of vitamins, minerals and enzymes are lost almost completely. Moreover, it is better to drink juice of ripe fruits and vegetables at the right season for them.

Healing properties of fruit juices
Healing properties of fruit juices purify our body from toxins and it is important to drink juice with pleasure

Fruit juices have merit in purifying our body while vegetable mainly serve as food to tissues and organs. But this is roughly – both juice clears the body of toxins, mucus, useless substances that have accumulated for years in our organs and tissues.
For example, beet juice literally wash the liver and clears it “to shine” because of its high content of organic active chlorine. Celery juice melts harmful calcium formations and calcium salts. And many other examples. We can do as monosokove (from one type of fruit or vegetable) and a combination of several types. The basis is most often used apples and carrots. This is done in order juices are pleasant to taste and diluted strong purifying properties of certain types of vegetables or Greenleaf.

Fruit Vegetable Juices
scavenging properties of certain types of vegetables

For example parsley is quite pronounced action, because of its high content of essential oils. So it is with almost all spices, and not only them. Beets also accepted in pure form can contribute to severe medical crisis due to its powerful beneficial properties. Celery is so powerful in melting of harmful calcium deposits and joint slag that taken over in pure form, it is believed that it is able to “melt our bones.”

From there comes the rule gradually increase the proportion of highly medicinal juices in combination with carrot or apple. For example:
1st and 2nd day: apple juice and celery – 4 1
3rd and 4th day: apple juice and celery – 3: 2
5th and 6th day of apple juice and celery – 2: 3
You can continue this ratio because it tastes pretty loud and pushy, not well received by most people. But it all depends on your personal preference. These combinations literally recommended for almost all health problems. Make a juice that will be closest to your taste and depending on your health goals. It is important to drink juice with pleasure, not by force.

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