Photo Worthy Places to Travel in Singapore

Singapore, is also known as the Little Red Dot, but when you’re there, you’ll know that it has big things to offer. That’s one of the reasons why Singapore is a known tourist destination for those who want to immerse in a culture they haven’t experienced before. When staying, there’s an abundance of Singapore houses that are for rent, which gives it’s tourists a myriad of places to stay in.

Aside from having an almost unlimited amount of places to stay in, Singapore also has a culinary world that’s unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. If you really focus on immersing yourself inside the world of Singapore, you’ll realize that it’s a melting pot of different cultures that made it what it is today.

If ever you’re planning to visit Singapore, here’s a list of places you need to take pictures in, if you want insta-worthy photos!

1. Lim Chu Kang Jetty

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This is one of the oldest jetties in Singapore, mainly made of wooden plank and poles, the Lim Chu Kang jetty stretches out from the shore up until a few meters of the sea. When you take a photo on the Jetty make sure to include Malaysia’s outline in the background because the sea where Lim Chu Kang jetty is located in, is the boundary of Singapore and Malaysia. Also, if you’re lucky and the clouds are covering the sunshine, you’ll have the opportunity to take a photo that exudes tranquility and serenity. Overall, the mix of calm waters, the sky, the outline of another country, and the jetty itself, give you a photo-perfect scenery!

2. Gillman Barracks

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Before it became an art gallery that showcased different international pieces-of-art which attracts art-lovers and hipsters alike, the GIllman Barracks was a primary station for the British naval base and military barracks. Now, the Gillman Barracks has numerous visitors every day. Aside from taking pictures with the paintings, you can also take picture of the barracks itself. Why? Because the barracks actually gives its onlookers the feeling of going back to history through its sheer architectural aesthetic.

3. Chinese and Japanese Gardens

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As stated a while ago, Singapore is a melting pot of different cultures so, don’t be surprised if you see structures that are from different countries! Such places are the Chinese and Japanese gardens. While here, you’ll perfect the way you take landscape photos because you’ll want to give justice to the sheer majesty of this place. The gardens are well-loved because of its expansive greenery, and its placement which overlooks Jurong lake. One of the parts of these gardens that you should take a picture in is between the twin pagodas!

4. The Helix Bridge


An aptly named structure located in the heart of Singapore, the Helix bridge is a structure that is shaped like a helix. It’s sheer artistry and it also overlooks the waterfront makes it one of the most picturesque places in Singapore! You’ll enjoy taking pictures in the different parts of the bridge!

When you’re in Singapore, don’t forget to take pictures in the places mentioned here! You can memorialize your trip by compiling the pictures! Also, don’t limit yourself to the places mentioned above because these is just the tip of the iceberg!

Relax and Enjoy: 5 Best Beaches of Algarve

The south of Portugal is probably the most visited part of the country, and the beaches of Algarve, stretching for over 170 kilometers, are surprisingly diverse.

The busiest places with well-developed infrastructure and good conditions for swimming are situated between Lagos and Albufeira. However, these destinations also provide the most incredible panoramas of Portugal – yellow rocks and mysterious caves surrounded by the ocean.

Faro is the capital of the region, and its unique ecosystem is famous for amazingly beautiful lagoons and little islands scattered all over the coast. Calm and authentic Tavira offers continuous stripe of white sand and greatly suites for relaxing under the sun.

But in case you’re searching for the wildest places of Algarve, you need to go to the neighborhood of Sagres – although swimming is not very comfortable there, but it’s a real paradise for surfers and adventure seekers.

So, what place do you prefer? Check out 5 most impressive beaches of Algarve in order to make the right choice!


Praia Nova

Praia Nova is a narrow long cape crowned with Nossa Senhora da Rocha fort. The fort serves as the boundary between Praia da Senhora da Rocha and Praia Nova.

Praia Nova is very extensive, but not well-equipped and not controlled by rescuers. Therefore, it’s much wilder and calmer. The narrow strip of sand stretches for 300 meters, and in its center yellow-red rocks formed several levels.

To get to the beach, you will need to go down the cobbled and steep path. Another way to access Praia Nova is a tunnel in the rock connecting the beach with Praia da Senhora da Rocha.

Address: Vila Nossa Senhora da Rocha 140, Lagoa

Coordinates: 37.096063, -8.388619


Praia da Marinha

Praia da Marinha is among hundred world’s best beaches, and it’s situated 6 kilometers south-east of Lagoa.

There are no cities or villages around it, but the beach features excellent infrastructure – there’s a parking, a restaurant, toilets, rental of beach equipment, rescue point and good opportunities for diving.

Praia da Marinha is not very long, but together with the neighboring Malhada do Baraço, Praia do Pau, Buraco, and Praia do Barranquinho the sand strip stretches for almost a kilometer.

Thanks to a heavily eroded coastal line and scattered in the water islet-cliffs, Praia da Marinha is one of the most ‘photogenic’ places of the Algarve. Also, there are good conditions for snorkeling, swimming, and hiking.

Address: 8400 Lagoa

Coordinates: 37.089821, -8.412717


Praia de Benagil

If you compare the coastline of Carvoeiro with architecture, then Praia de Benagil is an incredible masterpiece of the Renaissance. In addition to a convenient entrance, parking, restaurant and rental facilities for recreation, the beach features the amazing surrounding landscapes.

Gorgeous caves are the major reason of popularity of Praia de Benagil. Through the huge stone arches you can see the ocean and the sunlight, which is fantastically beautiful.

Generally, Praia de Benagil is small, but very convenient for swimming, but in summer it’s often crowded. Rental of kayaks and boats is available.

Address: CM1154, 8400 Lagoa

Coordinates: 37.087213, -8.425878


Praia de Vele Centianes

Praia de Vale Centianes is a medium-sized calm beach equipped with a rescue point, cafes, rental boats, and features rich seabed, which is especially good for the fans of diving.

The sandy beach is surrounded by steep cliffs, but access to the beach is convenient. Moreover, there’s a large parking. At low tide, you can explore a small cave situated in the western part of the beach. Interesting surroundings make Praia de Valle Sentianes an ideal spot for walks.

Address: Rua do Jardim das Palmeiras, Lagoa

Coordinates: 37.091403, -8.455862


Praia da Ingrina

Praia da Ingrina is a very convenient beach, more popular among divers than surfers.  However, it offers comfortable swimming.

The beach is a 70-meters long strip of sand situated in a sheltered bay, one side of which is formed by a huge, eroded limestone platform, and the other is a high toothed rock. The vast area of underwater rocks with rich marine life provided the beach with the glory of an amazing diving spot.

The beach overlooks the plain opened to the north winds, but it’s protected from the west, so in the calm weather there are ideal conditions for enjoying the sun and the sea.

The main services on the beach include cafes, toilets, rentals and the presence of rescuers. You can get to Praia da Ingrina by asphalt road, from Raposeira.

Address: Parque Natural de Sudoaste Alentejano a Costa Vicentena, Raposeira

Coordinates: 37.046674, -8.879375


So, Algarve is an excellent spot to relax on the beach. It provides more than 300 sunny days a year, very clean water, stunning scenery and fresh breezes.

Algarve’s coast is full of beautiful beaches, but in case you like any of the above-mentioned ones, you can easily reach it by using a rental car at Faro Airport.

Keep in mind that the coast of Algarve is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. Respectively, the water temperature is not always comfortable for swimming. The warmest water in July and August is up to +20…+22C degrees.

Most Impressive Island Resorts Of Mediterranean


Whether you are looking for some well-deserved peace and quiet on the beach, want to explore your surroundings and be active or are looking forward to immersing yourself in culture and history, Mediterranean islands are a perfect destination for you to visit. Over 200 islands in this geographical region offer amazing architecture, local gastronomy, rich historical heritage, unspoiled nature, dreamy beaches and a great number of sunny days every year. It’s a perfect mix for adventurers and families alike. Here we will introduce you to few of the most beautiful island resorts on the coasts of Mediterranean.

Santorini in Greece


With its romantic sunsets and layered architecture, Santorini is a world-renowned destination situated in the Aegean Sea. Once a site of a volcanic eruption, this unique island remains to this day a submerged volcano. The caldera is surrounded by a number of small picturesque villages filled with white-washed houses and hidden churches, all built in traditional architectural style of the island. As expected, when visiting Santorini climb the volcano is something that should be experienced, as it is such a unique experience. But if that sounds too adventurous you can still enjoy the hot springs or just relax on a black sand beach with a cocktail in your hand.

Majorca in Spain


Majorca is a dynamic and energetic island situated in Spain, famous for a number of different music festivals, relaxing beach bars and secluded bays. Enjoy a visit to one of the numerous wineries and taste the local cuisine in many high-end restaurants. Palma de Mallorca is the main city of the island and certainly not to be missed as it is the cultural and urban center of the region. While there, pay a visit the memorable old town, see the impressive Palma Cathedral and explore museums. Also if shopping is something that sounds interesting, local markets and the malls will have you satisfied.

Capri in Italy


Vibrant colors and incredible views are the trademarks of Capri, a charismatic Italian island known for its natural beauty and mysterious caves. On Capri you can experience the true Italian lifestyle by drinking a spritz on the Piazzetta and visiting many small hidden restaurants that are almost always open. Taking a boat trip around the famous natural scenery of the island is almost a mandatory activity here. And while doing so, be sure to stop at the Blue Grotto, a world famous sea cave known for incredible ambiance and unique illumination. This incredible cave is filled with crystal clear azure water and presents an activity you cannot find anywhere else.

Malta in Malta


Filled with an incredible number of historic and architectural treasures, Malta is a grand museum of over 7000 years of history. It’s a perfect place for an active outdoor holiday and exploration. This luxury destination offers a variety of experiences such as diving, biking and rock-climbing. Taking a walk along the coast will lead you to Valletta fortifications on the edge of the city. This imposing complex of defensive walls and towers was built and actively upgraded for about 1000 years. On your list of “to do” activities on Malta should be a visit to the War Museum and Lascaris War Rooms as well. Both of these host a significant number of expos on the history of Malta. And for the end, finish your exploration by enjoying the boat tour of Grand Harbour.

Brac in Croatia


This self-sustainable island, situated in Dalmatian region of Croatia, offers incredible unspoiled nature and picturesque views. As one of the most popular Mediterranean islands, Brac is most famous for its Zlatni Rat beach. This unique natural chameleon is special because the beach itself changes shape and color due to changes in the wind and currents. Croatia is known for the exquisite cuisine, and Brac does not fall behind. Restaurants are rich with tasty sea food and plethora of high quality wines coming from local vineyards. Be sure to rent a bike or just hike to Vidova Gora, the highest peak of the island which offers magnificent view of the whole island. Or if that sounds too much, just relax by visiting Bol – a town full of history, churches and stories to hear at the local market. Via local yachtcharter tours you can reach some of the famous secluded beaches of Brac, and enjoy in the Adriatic Sea and its surrounding nature.

The Emergency Survival Food Kit

Did you know that the first 72 hours of any type of disaster is crucial? Natural disasters, such as earthquake and typhoon may strike unexpectedly anytime, leaving you devastated and unguarded. Surviving any kind of disaster is absolutely difficult, especially if you are not equipped with the proper knowledge on how to recover from a disaster and things that you should prepare.

Luckily enough, there are various useful guides and survival tips on how to cope up and survive after a disaster. One of the important things that you should prepare for is building your own emergency survival food kit. Do you have any idea what’s inside this kit? Read on and let us know what are the essential things that make up an effective emergency survival food kit.


Did you know that people can survive for five days without food as long as he or she has water to consume? Keep clean water in a sterile and airtight water container. The water that you will be keeping is good for drinking, washing, and even cooking. The ideal amount of water must be one gallon per person per day.  On the other hand, three liters of water should be kept for washing per person per day.


Enough supply of food can make you go for at least three days after the disaster happened. You can pack high-energy food, such as crackers, jelly, and peanut butter.

Instant cereal, biscuits, cup noodles, and canned fish or meat are also ideal food to include in your survival food kit. Include special foods in your food kit in case you have infants or elderly persons at home to complement their specific diet. Remember to only store non-perishable food. You might also want to include disposable plates and utensils.

Food and water are the most essential things that should be in your emergency kit. Apart from these essentials, emergency tools, hygiene kit, and first-aid kit should also be kept to keep you equipped during calamities. Here is a simple breakdown of the other things that you should prepare.

  • First-aid Kit – Having a first-aid kit at home is a must for everyone. This should also be handy at all times. Your first-aid kit should include adhesive strips, bandages, swabs antiseptic, safety pins, resealable plastic bags, gloves, and a first aid reference guide.
  • Emergency Tools – Emergency tools can help you go a long way after experiencing a disaster. This kit should include emergency numbers of police station, fire station, and hospital, multi-purpose knife, candles and matches, flashlight with batteries, sleeping bag, and whistle.
  • Hygiene Kit – Your hygiene kit should have extra clothing, which includes shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, and undergarments, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, alcohol, and wet wipes.

It is important to build an emergency survival food kit before any disaster strikes. Make sure to check your survival food kit every six months to ensure that all of its contents are still good and not expired. The water should be replaced to retain its freshness and effectiveness. After all, the contents of your emergency kit should make you survive for the first seventy-two hours after you evacuate from a disaster.

Experience Manila: Best Places to Visit

Manila is truly an iconic place to visit. It is filled with old and new structures alike that makes the place both historical and contemporary. This is, of course, thanks to the various building design services in the Philippines as well as the work that they have done to achieve this.

Because of them, folks coming from anywhere can go to numerous tourist attractions such as the following:

Rizal Park

Rizal Oark
Photo Courtesy:


The most famous landmark you can go to in Manila is the Rizal Park. It is aptly named after the nation’s national hero, Dr Jose Rizal. This is basically where he was executed during the Spanish colonization era in the country. His death sentence was handed to him after he had angered the Spanish priests and authorities at that time.

Today, many people pay respect to him by visiting his monument. Although, admittedly, more and more people are going to this place just to relax and take a few photos. Admission to this place is free, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Fort Santiago

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Photo Courtesy:

Another historical place you can visit in Manila is the Fort Santiago in Intramuros. It is located quite near to Rizal Park. This is the place where Rizal was imprisoned before he was executed. Tours are available in this place. You can take one of them to learn where Rizal was detained as well as to see various objects like the lamp, pens, and the table he had used before.

The National Museum

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Those who enjoy both art and history can definitely take a time to visit The National Museum in Manila. It is the home to the most famous Filipino painting, The Spoliarium by Juan Luna. You could immediately see it upon entering the building as it is located at its entrance. Of course, once you have gotten over its magnificence, you can then walk through and see other paintings and masterpieces in the museum.

Mall of Asia

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The Mall of Asia (MOA), the biggest mall in Asia, is located in Manila. A number of Filipinos frequent this place for the many amenities and shops it can provide them. The very first IMAX theater in the country is located here. Concerts by worldwide artists including Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, and Beyonce were also held in the mall’s concert grounds. There are a few rides you can enjoy behind the mall as well; one of which is the MOA Eye, the second tallest Ferris wheel in the country.

Manila Ocean Park

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Photo Courtesy:

The Manila Ocean Park is another favorite place many people like to visit in the city. Children, particularly, love to explore the premises of this aquatic establishment, where they can go see and learn about different marine life that includes colorful fish, sharks, and other adorable sea creatures.

Star City

Star city
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If you are not satisfied with all the rides available in MOA, you should definitely visit Star City, an amusement park located in the center of Manila. The Wild River and roller coasters are only some of the rides you can go on to. You can also visit the haunted house in the amusement park, if you are seeking thrill and horror.

Go and visit these places in Manila. For sure, you are going to have some real fun with your friends and/or family!

Things For Your Dad to do in San Diego

So your family’s going to San Diego, eh? Maybe your dad is excited but doesn’t really have much in common with the rest of you. (I imagine he looks something like this for the record.) I promise, no matter how out of this world he might seem, he’s not all that bad! He may not be into tanning, local shops, or local beer, but there’s plenty of things for your dad to do down in San Diego.

On the Beach

Two words: Metal Detector. Every dad loves a gizmo, and every dad loves finding new things. Plus, it’s a way for him to make money when he’s not at work. Beaches are notorious for dropped coins, and I bet, your dad being a dad and all, he already has a metal detector he can pack in the car on the way (if you are, in fact, driving and not flying). Will he get rich? No, but I bet you can keep him occupied while you’re tanning or swimming! This idea is gold, you’re welcome.

Sports & BBQ

I bet that if your dad wears hawaiian shirts, he likes barbecues. And I bet if he wears cargo shorts, he likes sports. So that’s double the chance he’ll like a sports & bbq restaurant! There’s several local ones around San Diego that I would recommend taking your pops to, and a simple google search will lead you there. The first is Phil’s BBQ Restaurant, on Sports Arena Blvd in San Diego. They have super high ratings, two dining areas, and a bar. There are over 10500 reviews for this place and the average is 4.5 stars. That may be a good place to start, and you can a tour of the place here.

USS Midway Museum

My father had a father who fought in WWII, and he himself was in the army. I’ve found a lot of people in similar situations, with family who was in the military and such. That’s why I recommend the USS Midway Museum, the longest serving Aircraft Carrier of the 20th Century. Admission is about $16 per person, which may seem like a lot but it’s pretty good for attractions down there. You can take flight simulations, watch active duty military ceremonies, simulate air combat, and see how things were operated on this ship when it was actually operating.

SeaWorld… The Water Park there!

All dads enjoy taking their kids swimming or to water parks. Turns out, the SeaWorld in San Diego has one. So while SeaWorld may only be entertaining for a small amount of time, you could probably get him to enjoy a longer day of rides with the family at SeaWorld’s water park. If he’s like my dad, he’ll sun screen up and encourage you to do the same, and then take you on the tallest, scariest rides he can find. This is total dad material. And water parks usually have hot dogs, burgers, and ice cream. Essentially, your dad is set at this place!

What else would your dad like? Let me know on Twitter @Robolitious.

Five Tips For First Time Travelers To Croatia

Croatian Coastal Architecture

Croatia is located between Central Europe, Southeast Europe, and the Mediterranean. This relatively small country is rather rich with natural wonders and long cultural heritage. So it’s no wonder that Croatia has seen significant influx of travelers in the past ten years. It is after all a peaceful and beautiful place with pleasant climate and plethora of attractions, so people from all around the globe are coming here in search for something new and exciting. If you are visiting Croatia for the first time this summer, we have prepared few useful tips that will help you during your stay.

Have The Cash Ready

City Of Split In Croatia

Let’s face the facts, Croatians just love to use cash. It’s not that card payments are not accepted, at the majority of places they are, but cash is always preferred method of payment. This sentiment is not something that’s unique only to Croatia. In fact, all neighboring countries in Balkan area of Europe share the same sentiment. It’s not entirely known why that is, but fair guess is that card payments were introduced to everyday use just some 10 years ago. Younger people and business owners haven’t had much of trouble embracing credit cards and that type of payment, but older generations – not so much. Also, people here don’t have much trust in banks and banking systems, and with everything considered, that’s not so unjustified.

Don’t Hesitate To Use English

You might be surprised how well people in Croatia actually speak English language. It’s a language that’s taught in more than 90% of Croatian schools from the very first grade. So asking younger generations for instructions and directions is pretty much a safe bet. And in case that they don’t know the answer to your questions, they will try and find someone else who does. This might seems strange, but people in Croatia are actually really approachable and have high level of hospitality. After all, you are a guest in their country and they want you to feel pleasant and welcomed. Especially if you are showing interest in learning more about local traditions and history.

Don’t Call It Yugoslavia

Croatian Coastal Architecture

Speaking of (recent) history, Croatia has gained independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. It was a long, thorny and painful process, and needless to say – Croatia is proud of it. So taking everything in consideration, Croats don’t have much love for their former country and don’t like to be remained of it either. But still, if you travel around the country you’ll be able to spot some of the old symbols of Yugoslavia, mostly in form of monuments and memorial boards on town squares, around museums and similar places.

Using Car Is Preferred Way Of Traveling

If there’s one thing that’s most inconvenient for tourists is Croatian infrastructure. Although Croatia is fairly small country, traveling around it is quite slow. Trains and buses can be sporadic, you most likely will have to improvise and combine both of those traveling methods to reach your destination. And for travelers, that’s kind of a deal breaker. Croatian government is aware of this problem, so is European Union, and in the next few years situation should be improved drastically. But for now, tourist (and locals) often rely on car rental services. Roads in Croatia are actually quite well maintained, so touring the country in a car is by far the best and fastest option, especially if you aren’t traveling alone. And who knows, maybe you’ll come across some lovely place you would have had missed otherwise.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Traveling By Boat

City Of Primosten In Croatia

As you may be aware, Croatia has a long coast on the Adriatic Sea and is a home to almost 2000 islands. And that’s an impressive number. Some of these islands are small and uninhabited, others are quite large and well populated, while few are used only as secluded beaches. So it would be shame to miss out on all that beauty. You can rent a boat in pretty much any place along the coast. Croatia is known as one of the most famous boat and ship building countries in the region, so you are pretty much guaranteed to get a well built vessel. And if you aren’t too confident to manage it by yourself, there’s always an option to get a good guide.

And there you have it, these are the basics that should cover you during your stay in this small European country. Be sure to explore and enjoy in everything it has to offer, and you will surely take some wonderful memories back home. Have fun!

How to make sure that your insurance claim won’t be rejected

travel insurance claims

The largest number of travel insurance claims are refunded quickly and without any problems. However, sometimes it happens that the request for payment is not accepted.

In order to avoid situations where you can not compensate the medical expenses, loss of property or the trip cancellation, while you are ensured, look at the list of the most common reasons for rejection. This is also a way to prepare and avoid the inconvenience for reimbursement of your policy.

  • Take maximum care of yours belongings

The insurance company will not cover the costs for the lost money or documents if you did’t do your best to protect them. If you leave your purse in an easily accessible place, and then lose your money and documents, the request will certainly be refused.

  • If you don’t have any proof of purchase or a police report on the theft of property

You must prove that you lost something or that it was stolen. If this happened, you should go to the police station within 24 hours, where you will receive a police report for the theft. Proof of ownership may be the original receipt or something else that clearly shows that the lost thing belongs to you. Also, if you lost luggage, ask airline company for written confirmation for this.

  • You consumed too much alcohol

If it turns out that you lost something while you were drunk or under the influence of opiates it is more than likely that the policy will not be accepted.

  • The country in which you are traveling is not safe enough

If the official recommendations are to avoid some regions and countries for safety reasons, then you will not be able to charge the cost if you had an unforeseen circumstance.

  • Be preventive and protect yourself against local diseases

It is recommended to be vaccinated and to take the necessary preventive medication if you are traveling to the country where is known that you can get a certain disease. For example, if it is regulated that before going to an African country you should take medicine against malaria and you do not, you have to pay medical expenses if you get malaria.

  • Specify the concept for close and distant relatives

One of the common reasons why people cancel the planned trip or return earlier is the sudden serious illness or death of a close relative. However, it would be good to determine who is considered as a close relative by your insurance company. This will avoid possible inconvenience witch will prevent you to get your money back if you cancel your trip. The recommendation is to check whether the chronic illness of a close family member is covered by the insurance policy, because that may affect your travel plans.

  • Define “valuables”

What the term valuables really means, this varies from one insurance company to another. Also, be sure to carry them with you while you are in some means of transport. Do not be surprised if you somewhere later read in fine print that valuables are not covered by the insurance policy if they were out of your control during the journey.

  • Always inform your insurance company about the state of emergency

Often, people only after returning home inform the insurance company about the problem that happened on the travel. It is necessary to do it immediately when unforeseen circumstances occur. In the policy there is always a telephone number of the Support Center and that’s the first thing you need to do if you suddenly fall ill, lose things, or you have to return earlier. This way you can avoid the situation where your request for refund of policy is refused.

The advice among advises would be to always, several times carefully read what policy covers and what not. This especially refers to the famous “fine print” that usually hide the information in question.

Where and When to go Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu Tour

We all know how cultured and beautiful southern part of our country is. And if there had to be one state that would explain the majesty of the southern part of India that it has to be Tamil Nadu. Decorated with variety, this state is preferably the country of traditional society that has maintained and developed their two thousands of years old lifestyle, customs and art in such a way that it has been set as an example for other states. Tamil Nadu smashes all the clichés and has appeared as a state that has resources and variety. Moving hills, azure seas, sandy beaches, swaying areas, cascading waterfalls, elegant resorts, ultra awesome lounges, substantial shopping centres, there is actually nothing that this state does not have and therefore it is a must check out in India.

Tamil Nadu in winter season – From November till March

The best time to visit Tamil Nadu is from November until  March as the mercury level comes down creating it perfect here we are at touring and outdoor activities. This also happens to be the perfect time to see some of the famous temples of Tamil Nadu. The state is home to incredible 33,000 temples several of which are specific World Culture Sites by UNESCO.

Destinations such as Rameshwaram, Kanyakumari, Velankanni, Chennai, Trichirappalli and Mudumalai National Park are best visited during winter seasons. Some of the essential festivities in Tamil Nadu are also recognised during wintertime time such as 4-day harvest festival Pongal starting from Fourteenth Jan annually and the dancing festival in Mamallapuram. Yet another major festival to be present at is the Tyagaraja Aradhana, the yearly Carnatic music festival which is organised annually between January and February.

Tamil Nadu Tour

Tamil Nadu in summer time – From March till May

Summer months are generally severe and moist with average temperature wee above 35°C and even touching the high of 40°C and above in May and June. This is definitely not the perfect time to see Tamil Nadu if you are coming here completely for travel and leisure. But there are some essential festivities and celebrations which are recognised this time of the year such as the 12 day Chithirai Festival in Meenakshi Temple in Madurai.

Top locations to see in Tamil Nadu in summer months of March until May and even beyond are the picturesque hill stations in Tamil Nadu like Ooty, Yercaud, Kodaikanal, and Yelagiri hills which are a hot favourite for family holidays and honeymoon vacation in south India in summers. Don’t miss summer time festival which is organised annually in the 30 months of May in Ooty.

Hill Station in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu in monsoon – From June till December

Tamil Nadu has two periods of rainfalls such as South West Monsoon (June till September) and Northeast Monsoon (October until December). Once again the hills are where you can see during this year. The mercury comes down considerably upon the appearance of monsoon rains but the climate continues to be moist especially in July and August.

Sightseeing tour of Tamil Nadu

From Oct until Dec weather continues to be pretty awesome creating it fun for a sightseeing tour. One best place to visit during monsoon in Tamil Nadu is Velankalli Town where the Feast of the Nativity of Mary is well known annually on Sept 8th. The festivities start on 29th of Aug and ends on the feast day on 8th Sept.

Why You Should Visit Singapore This 2017

Over the years, Singapore has gotten quite a lot of international fame. In fact, the world has a lot of names for this city-state including the Little Red Dot, the Lion City, and Acronym City.

Most people call it the “city of acronyms” because it seems that locals love to create acronyms for their daily phrases in Singapore. HDB for rent, for instance, refers to the housing or the rooms they will rent out from the Housing Development Board. Those, who end up renting these places, are usually locals or expats.

Expats are foreigners who decide to live and work in Singapore; but they are not the only ones who visit this country. Tourists also love to come to Singapore, particularly in the past year and there is no doubt that they will come again in hoards this 2017.

If you are wondering where to go on a vacation this year, you might want to consider coming to Singapore for these following reasons:

Photo Source:
Photo Source:

Changi Airport

Singapore’s Changi Airport has been deemed as one of the best airports in the world – which means you can have the best experience from the moment your plane landed in the country. It has a lot of places you can go to like a nature trail, a butterfly garden, a kids play area, cinema, lounges, and a wide selection of stores at the duty-free shopping destination.

Photo Source:
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Various Shopping Destinations

Aside from the duty-free shops at the airport, you can also head to other shopping areas. Many districts such as Little India and Chinatown have a lot of places for you to check out. The most popular shopping mall in the country though, is the one located on Orchard Road. But if you choose to avoid crowds, you may go at the Mustafa shopping centre which is open for 24 hours.

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Local Cuisine

The city-state of Singapore is also known to be a melting pot of different Asian cultures. This means that you can find various interesting sites, colours, and food. Try out authentic local cuisines in hawker stalls or at Michelin-recognised restaurants.

Cultural Melting Pot

As mentioned above, Singapore is a host to a number of cultures. Tourists can visit the country during different times of the year to celebrate occasions such as the Chinese New Year this January, the Hari Raya Puasa in June, and the Deepavali in October.

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The Arts Culture

Singapore has a growing arts scene and culture that everyone will surely appreciate. Visitors can go ahead and celebrate the country’s artists and writers during Art Week or during the Singapore Writers Festival. You can also go see the local production of “Fun Home” (a Broadway musical) by the Pangdemonium. People can also head to annual music events like the Neon Lights, Ultra Music Festival, and St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival.

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Theme Parks

Family-friendly attractions can also be found all over Singapore. If you have kids, you can bring them to Playeum or at KidZania, where they can have fun unleashing their inner artists and do role-play games with other children. You can also go to the Universal Studios to go on thrilling rides or meet movie characters like the lovable Minions!

There are a lot of things you can do in Singapore this 2017. Plan out your vacation now and check out all these amazing things you can experience in the island-state!